The skeleton-framed two-seat open-top rocket ship that is the Ariel Atom has gained notoriety not just for its commanding performance and unique styling, but also for it's face-stretching capabilities. Outfitted with no wind-deflecting device whatsoever, the Ariel Atom is best driven at high speed with a helmet on - until now. The company is finally offering a windscreen attachment.

Built in response to customer demand, the windscreen attaches and detaches from the car relatively easily, with just 5 attachment points and a quick-release electrical connector. The system also has a self-contained wiper and washer system in case the car is caught out in damp or dusty conditions.

While the addition of a windscreen is somewhat antithetical to the essential premise of the Atom, it surely makes for more comfortable around-town cruising. It's unfortunate, however, that enough of the car's owners use the car for such mundane purposes that they've actually inspired the company to create the accessory. Next they'll want a roof and filled-in side covers, an attachable boot, climate control and electric power seats. That'd make it really convenient to take to the shops.


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