Gordon Murray is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in automotive design today, having been the driving force behind both the McLaren F1 supercar and more recently the Caparo T1. His latest project - internally referred to as T25 (pictured) - is looking for extreme performance in another respect, however, focusing on lightweight and low emissions city driving.

While the primary goal of the T25 is to get its owner from point A to B in relative safety and comfort, Murray is reportedly working on a second, sportier model based around the same design principles. Speaking with Autocar, Murray stated that that upcoming sports car will be small, light and economical, as well as being environmentally friendly in terms of its carbon dioxide emissions.

Most likely this will see a small displacement engine used, with the possibility of turbochargers or superchargers to boost output. Another possibility is to use a motorbike engine, which will be possible if the car remains light enough. Murray first designed a car powered by a motorbike engine more than a decade ago, but it never saw production, so this may be his chance to pick up that project again.

While materials and engine position remain unknown, Murray claims his design team is already considering production and distribution and is in talks with the company’s two main investors – carbon-fiber specialists, Caparo, as well as investment group Mohr Davidow.