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  • Teaser for Gordon Murray Automotive's T50 supercar due in 2022

    McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray is working on a modern V-12 supercar.

  • McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray
    Go on a virtual tour of Gordon Murray's past 50 years of car design

    Go back over 50 years of Gordon Murray design in a free online virtual tour.

  • Teaser for Gordon Murray Automotive's T50 supercar due in 2022
    Gordon Murray teases F1 successor complete with V-12, fan car tech

    Gordon Murray has released the first details on what he calls the last and greatest "analog" supercar.

  • Gordon Murray Design iStream construction
    Gordon Murray Design's iStream Superlight tech can cut car weight in half

    British engineering outfit Gordon Murray Design has touted its iStream construction for a few years, but the latest iStream Superlight method doubles down on the architecture's core principles: it can cut a car's weight in half. Compared to traditional stamped metal, the iStream Superlight method...

  • The Light Car Company Rocket on Jay Leno's Garage
    Jay Leno revisits Gordon Murray-designed Light Car Rocket

    Gordon Murray is revered in the automotive design world. As he should be, considering that he's responsible for Brabham and McLaren Formula 1 cars that won many a Grand Prix. Oh, he also penned the supercar of supercars that is the McLaren F1. There have been a few other designs along the way...

  • McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray
    McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray launches own car company

    McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray has just launched a car manufacturing outfit. Called Gordon Murray Automotive, the new company is a spinoff of Murray’s eponymous design company formed in 2007 and responsible for the iStream production process. Gordon Murray Automotive will look to utilize...

  • McLaren F1 after 25 years

    It's hard to believe it's been a quarter of a century since the McLaren F1 took the world by storm. The now-legendary F1 has been heralded by car enthusiasts of multiple generations thanks to its world-record setting top-speed run and cutting-edge technology. Mind you, this car was built long before hybrids were a thing and compact disc sales were hot. What was the secret sauce? The special ingredient? The edge that gave the McLaren F1 the chops to become one of the world's best even today? It's simple, per the F1's chief designer, Gordon Murray: it was simply Formula 1 technology applied to...

  • Gordon Murray design exhibition
    Gordon Murray design exhibition to celebrate 50 years of iconic cars

    Gordon Murray has been more than a landmark figure in the automotive industry: at times, he has simply defined how supercars are engineered and designed. Now, his career to date will come to a crescendo at the Gordon Murray design exhibition. The exhibit will take place on November 3, 2017, at...

  • Shell Concept Car
    Shell and Gordon Murray Design unveil city car concept

    About a year ago we brought you news on a fuel-efficient car project undertaken by Shell and Gordon Murray Design. The result is the Shell Concept Car unveiled today, a three-seat city car that's said to be capable of returning up to 90 mpg. The Shell Concept Car isn’t intended for...

  • Gordon Murray Design iStream Carbon
    TVR Sports Car To Utilize Gordon Murray’s iStream Carbon Construction

    British sports car marque TVR has been revived and is planning a handful of new models, the first of which is coming in 2017 with a Cosworth-tuned version of the Mustang’s 5.0-liter V-8 and a design developed by none other than Gordon Murray. We now know a little more about the famed McLaren...

  • Yamaha Sports Ride concept, 2015 Tokyo Motor Show
    Yamaha Sports Ride Concept First With Gordon Murray-Designed iStream Carbon

    Yamaha has been hinting at a move into car manufacturing in recent years, with the firm recently teaming up with McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray to develop a city car concept called the Motiv. Now Yamaha is back with a new sports car concept unveiled today at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, and like...

  • TVR chairman Les Edgar (left) and Gordon Murray
    TVR Teams Up With Gordon Murray For New Sports Car Coming In 2017

    For fifty years, TVR built quirky sports cars, by hand, in Blackpool, England. Known for their distinctive (and occasionally odd) styling, TVRs were among the most polarizing boutique sports cars ever built. Fans of the marque loved its cars for the unique look and personality each TVR had, while...

  • Gordon Murray and the SCG003

    Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, maker of the road-going race car that is the SCG003, can now count among its many fans none other than McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray. The notoriously hard-to-please road and race car designer has previously described the current crop of hybrid supercars as being more a technical exercise than pure driver’s cars, even going so far as to call them “hybrid monsters”, but when it comes to the SCG003 he’s got nothing but praise. CHECK OUT: 2016 Acura NSX Tech Secrets Revealed “I love it—it’s really interesting, a car based...

  • Gordon Murray
    Gordon Murray teams up with Shell to develop innovative city car concept

    You may recall that legendary road and race car designer Gordon Murray, the man behind the McLaren F1 supercar, recently established his own design firm where he’s been focusing his attention on diminutive city cars and more efficient production processes—which he calls...

  • Yamaha Motiv city car concept
    Gordon Murray-Designed Yamaha Minicar Car Gets Zytek Electric Power

    Gordon Murray is best-known for his work on the McLaren F1 supercar more than two decades ago, and as a top Formula One designer before that, but he's spent the last few years showing he can turn his attention to more realistic--if less exciting--projects too. The first fruits of that labor were...

  • McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray
    Gordon Murray: I’ve Got One More Supercar Left In Me

    McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray has revealed that he wants to build a new supercar that could take on the likes of the latest LaFerrari from Ferrari and even the new P1 from his former employer McLaren. He sees those cars’ heavy electrical systems as being too cumbersome and not at all...

  • Yamaha Motiv city car concept
    Gordon Murray Teams With Yamaha On T25-Style Motiv City Car: Video

    Yamaha has announced it is the first company to adopt McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray's innovative iStream production process--said to slash the cost of producing cars. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer--and soon-to-be automaker--revealed its Motiv city car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show today...

  • Gordon Murray Design T25 Minicar
    McLaren F1 Designer's T25 City Car Launching In 2016

    It’s been quite some time since we last heard about the newest car from Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1, but we now have news that the car is slated for a market launch in 2016. Unfortunately, Murray’s latest creation isn’t a world-beating supercar but an innovative city...

  • McLaren F1 clay model

    Next year will see the launch of the McLaren P1, the spiritual successor to a supercar that turned the performance car world on its head when it was launched more than two decades ago, and which to this day can lay claim to a land speed record. That car is, of course, the legendary McLaren F1, which remains the world’s fastest naturally-aspirated car, having achieved an unmatched top speed--in production car terms--of 240.1 mph back in 1998. We can now take a rare look at the McLaren F1’s gestation, thanks to a series of photos depicting the clay modeling stage of the...

  • Gordon Murray Design and Toray technical partnership
    Gordon Murray Design Forms Partnership With Japan’s Toray

    Two leaders in the growing field of lightweight automotive engineering recently partnered for the development of a new electric sports car prototype. Called the Teewave AR.1, the carbon fiber infused electric sports car was the creation of the eponymous Gordon Murray Design, whose founder was one...

  • Toray Teewave AR.1 live photos
    Gordon Murray And Toray's Teewave AR.1: Tokyo Live Photos

    Gordon Murray may no longer be designing Grand Prix cars or supercars but his work at the forefront of future mobility is no less important. In addition to cars like the T.25 minicar and the electric T.27, Murray's pioneering iStream production process has been used to construct the Teewave AR.1...

  • Gordon Murray describes his Batmobile
    Gordon Murray: iStream A Bigger Challenge Than Winning In F1

    It's fair to say that engineering genius Gordon Murray has divided opinion of late. Revered for his work in Formula 1 racing resulting in several team world titles and best known for his contribution to the seminal McLaren F1 supercar in the early 90s, his current project to revolutionize personal...

  • Gordon Murray describes his Batmobile
    O Gordon Murray, Where Art Thou?

    We love Gordon Murray for what he's contributed to the automotive universe. Perhaps most famous for his work on the McLaren F1, he was also responsible for the legendary Brabham fan car, the banned BT46B, as well as two F1 World Championship cars for Brabham, and the fantastic McLaren MP4/4 F1 car...

  • Gordon Murray & Toray's TEEWAVE AR.1 electric sports car
    Gordon Murray Teams With Toray For Teewave AR.1 Electric Sports Car

    Two leaders in the growing field of lightweight automotive engineering have partnered for the development of a new electric sports car prototype. Called the Teewave AR.1, the carbon fiber infused electric sports car is the creation of the eponymous Gordon Murray Design, whose founder was one of the...

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