What started off as a design and engineering consultancy business established by McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray, has expanded to include both a car company and a technology company capable of developing electric vehicles under contract.

We're talking about Gordon Murray Design, which is now a division of the new Gordon Murray Technology business, alongside a separate Gordon Murray Electronics division.

A separate business, Gordon Murray Automotive, remains and is responsible for manufacturing Gordon Murray-branded vehicles, starting with the T.50 and T.33 supercars.

Both Gordon Murray Technology and Gordon Murray Automotive are controlled by the parent company Gordon Murray Group. Philip Lee has been named CEO of the Group, while Gordon Murray has been named chairman. Murray is also responsible for all product design and engineering at the Group.

Artist's impression of Gordon Murray Group's headquarters in Windlesham, United Kingdom

Artist's impression of Gordon Murray Group's headquarters in Windlesham, United Kingdom

Each division within the Group will follow Murray's key engineering principles of driving perfection, sustainability, energy efficiency, the use of innovation and disruptive technology, and performance through light weight.

The operations of the various divisions within the Group have tripled in size since 2020 and the company targets similar growth over the next three years. In preparation, it has under construction a sprawling headquarters and technology campus in Surrey, U.K. A facility in the U.S. is also planned.

“Despite the success of [Gordon Murray Automotive], our major growth opportunity now lies with Gordon Murray Technology,” Murray said in a statement. “We have a best-in-class highly talented team, capable of working with a global client base, transforming electric vehicles, connectivity and, eventually, autonomous transportation.”

Murray also said that Gordon Murray Technology is already developing a pair of electric SUVs. One of the SUVs is for Gordon Murray Automotive and the other for a major car company.