The Jensen Interceptor was a car born out of the 1960s, with glorious Italian coupe styling and a nickname of "The Gentleman's Express." While the British-based Jensen Motors may have ceased trading in May 1976, engineers at Britain's 'V Eight' have revived the Jensen Interceptor sport car and are currently in the process of rebuilding it in a limited run of just 50 cars. The latest version has been updated with a number of modern appointments, including an LS2 V8 engine and fresh styling, but the guys at V Eight are now planning a much more powerful version.

The new version will be called the Jensen Interceptor SX and it will be powered by a GM LS7 engine producing around 620hp (465kW) when it arrives in 2010. According to V Eight, the SX will have a luxury interior with more leg room than the standard Interceptor and a completely new look.

Just 25 examples of the Jensen Interceptor SX are planned, at a cost of around £145,000 ($266,408).


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