• Porsche Track Precision app free drive mode

    The latest update to the Porsche Track Precision app allows drivers to use their smartphones to record special driving moments on the street and incorporate vehicle data to create 1-minute videos.

  • Apple Maps road hazard reporting
    Apple Maps in iOS 14.5 to get Waze-like accident reporting via Siri

    Apple Maps is integrating Waze-like hazard reporting with the iOS 14.5 update.

  • Porsche 911 assembly line
    Now you can watch your Porsche 911 being built...remotely

    The My Porsche app and online service is adding functionality to let buyers track their cars through the build and delivery process.

  • Porsche Track Precision App
    Porsche Track Precision App expands its virtual driving coach functionality

    The newest Porsche Track Precision App can now be displayed on a Porsche's infotainment screen as part of new functionality.

  • 2020 Porsche 911
    Porsche launches lifestyle app with access to human personal assistant

    Porsche wants to make the lives of 911 drivers even easier with the launch of its Porsche 360+ lifestyle assistant app for iOS. The brand announced the app's launch on Monday, which has the ability to handle numerous tasks and grants users access to a live human assistant. According to the company...

  • Waze Connected Citizens Program
    Waze now offering traffic data to US cities

    Waze has helped many a motorist in recent years, but the app's data can now be used to help U.S. cities. The company announced on Tuesday that it is now leveraging its crowd-sourced traffic data to offer free alerts to all U.S. cities via its "Connected Citizens" program. Waze, which is owned by...

  • Hum Rider Jeep will get you past a traffic jeep

    If you're Verizon, how do you promote your new Hum platform? This is a system that uses an OBD dongle to transform your older model car by adding accessible diagnostic information, geo fencing, road-side assistance, and location and speed tracking via your smartphone. Apparently, the way to market this is to turn a Jeep Grand Cherokee and into a traffic-defying sky ride. That's what the marketing team at Thinkmodo has done here for Hum. This is just an outside-the-box way to market the new tool from Verizon. Thinkmodo has taken a Jeep Grand Cherokee and given it an edge. That edge is the...

  • Motor Authority On Apple News
    Motor Authority's Now On Apple News

    We know you need your Motor Authority fix at all times, which is why you likely already have our iOS or Android application. For those of you with iPhones running iOS 9 that are now using Apple News, we have great news: Motor Authority's now on Apple News. The Motor Authority channel in the new...

  • BMW EnLighten app integration
    BMW Offers EnLighten App Connectivity To Predict Traffic Signals

    BMW claims to be the first carmaker to offer the EnLighten traffic-signal app.

  • Porsche Track Precision app
    Porsche Track Precision App Turns Your Phone Into A Data Logger

    Porsche's new app lets drivers log lap times and performance data.

  • Christian von Koenigsegg and the Koenigsegg One:1
    Koenigsegg One:1 Supercar Comes With Cloud Connectivity And Custom App

    These days developing the world’s premier supercar takes a lot more than simply ensuring you have the quickest acceleration or highest top speed or most outrageous styling. Today, supercar brands need high-tech interfaces and connectivity options just as much as they need horsepower, and one...

  • Motor Authority iOS App
    Motor Authority iOS App 3.0: Get The Newest Features Now

    The Motor Authority iOS app is already the best way to get your car photos, videos, news, and first drives on your mobile device. Today, it got even better: Version 3.0 is here. So what's new? Basically everything. We've rebuilt the app design and improved the interface to get you to your favorite...

  • Chevrolet cars now with 4G LTE capability

    At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas this week, Chevrolet announced the first of its models that will be offering as an option the high-speed connectivity that only 4G LTE can provide. Those initial models include 2015 model year Corvette, Impala, Malibu and Volt that launch this summer. They will be followed by the Equinox, Silverado, Silverado HD, Spark and Spark EV later in the year. MUST WATCH: Hennessey Chevrolet SS Hits 163 MPH On Texas Toll Road: Video Data transfer using 4G LTE is said to be seven times faster than existing connections, facilitating access...

  • Volkswagen's MARTA augmented reality service app for iPad
    Volkswagen XL1 Gets Augmented Reality iPad Repair App: Video

    The Volkswagen XL1 isn't all that exciting on its own, though its application of technology is impressive (and a sporty version is in the works). Achieving 261 mpg from aerodynamics, weight savings, and an efficient diesel engine, the XL1 is a new breed of car. Accordingly, it's getting a new breed...

  • Apple's iOS in the Car App
    Apple iOS In The Car: Siri, iMessage, And Maps Set For iOS 7

    It was a mere year ago that Apple introduced its Eyes Free hands-free system. At the time we were told over the next 12 months automakers would begin to integrate this new system into new vehicle's infotainment systems. We're still waiting on that to unfold, but today Apple has another angle for...

  • 2013 BMW ConnectedDrive updates
    BMW Announces ConnectedDrive Updates For U.S. Market: Video

    Just yesterday we brought you details about upgrades BMW plans to add to its ConnectedDrive infotainment system over the coming years, the highlight of which was a built-in SIM card that will turn the automaker’s cars into smartphones on wheels. Today, BMW has revealed which of those upgrades...

  • 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe First Drive--Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas
    BMW M Power App Turns Your iPhone Into A Track Tool

    If you have a fast car you're probably going to want to drive it quickly. You might also want to know just how well you're doing on your local track with regards to speeds and lap times. You could spend a whole lot of dough on a multitude of data logging devices, or you could find an app that has...

  • 2013 BMW ConnectedDrive updates
    Future BMWs To Come With SIM Cards, Access To New ConnectedDrive App Store

    BMW is further enhancing its ConnectedDrive infotainment system with the latest slew of updates focused on improving the level of online-based in-car services. The German automaker plans to do this by fitting many of its vehicles with their own built-in SIM cards starting from this year. This will...

  • Honda congestion minimization technology

    About a year ago we first told you about a new technology Honda was developing aimed at reducing congestion, by first detecting the potential for a traffic jam and then determining the best course of action for drivers in order to prevent one from occurring. It is based on the principle that vehicles moving erratically and braking needlessly breaks up the smooth flow of traffic and leads to congestion. Now, after conducting some real world tests on the busy streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, one of the most congested cities in the world, Honda engineers have managed to verify the effectiveness of...

  • Ford's SYNC AppLink
    Ford’s Latest SYNC App Reads Newspapers And Magazines For You

    Whether they’re in print or digital form, few of us have the time these days to actually read newspapers or magazines. Instead, we get our information (in the form of easily-digested sound bites, generally) online, in-between sips of coffee on our way out the door. Ford thinks it has a better...

  • Motor Authority iPad / iPhone app
    Motor Authority's iPhone And iPad App: Video Demo

    We know how much you love reading Motor Authority while at your computer, but we've made it even easier to keep up with all the latest automotive news while on the go with our iPad and iPhone application. Our app deliveres the most up-to-the-minute luxury and performance news, exclusive first drive...

  • Volvo is the latest automaker working towards a connected, networked future
    Volvo Works With Ericsson On Global Automotive Connectivity

    Volvo is looking to join the ranks of cloud-connected automakers, and it knows it has some catching up to do. To quickly close the gap on automakers like Audi, Ford, Nissan, BMW, Toyota and Honda, Volvo will partner will cellular giant Ericsson in developing cloud-connected cars. Volvo will debut...

  • Motor Authority iPad / iPhone app
    Motor Authority's iPhone And iPad App: New Features

    It's been two weeks since we launched the new Motor Authority iPhone and iPad app, but we've already put in some time and updated it with new features. We've made it even easier for you to get the latest news and updates by adding pull down to refresh. Simply pull down from the top of the screen...

  • Nissan Leaf Self-Driving Car
    Nissan Builds Its Own Leaf-Based Autonomous Car

    While Google and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) may be the two names most closely associated with autonomous vehicles, they’re hardly the only organizations working on self-driving cars. Ceatec Japan is an annual conference highlighting the latest advances in...

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