If you're Verizon, how do you promote your new Hum platform? This is a system that uses an OBD dongle to transform your older model car by adding accessible diagnostic information, geo fencing, road-side assistance, and location and speed tracking via your smartphone. Apparently, the way to market this is to turn a Jeep Grand Cherokee and into a traffic-defying sky ride. That's what the marketing team at Thinkmodo has done here for Hum.

This is just an outside-the-box way to market the new tool from Verizon. Thinkmodo has taken a Jeep Grand Cherokee and given it an edge. That edge is the ability to lift the Grand Cherokee 9 feet into the air, widen its track, and use this newly found monster truck mode to ride right over the traffic sitting in front of it. The resulting monster is called the Hum Rider.

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This wasn't a simple fabrication exercise to get the Jeep to behave like this. According to Mashable, Thinkmodo worked with the mechanical effects team at A2Zfx to create this high-riding machine. It requires more than 300 feet of hydraulic lines and a gas generator to deliver the electricity needed for the hydraulic pumps. 

Now you have a Jeep Cherokee that tips the scales at 8,500 pounds. It needs larger tires to support that weight, and it's also equipped with a number of cameras so it won't rip mirrors off of the sitting ducks below.

While it's just a marketing stunt, the Hum Rider sure would be useful in Los Angeles.