Whether they’re in print or digital form, few of us have the time these days to actually read newspapers or magazines. Instead, we get our information (in the form of easily-digested sound bites, generally) online, in-between sips of coffee on our way out the door.

Ford thinks it has a better solution to keep you informed on subjects of interest. Thanks to an app called Kaliki, now available for Ford’s SYNC AppLink, drivers can have magazines and newspapers read to them by voice-over professionals behind the wheel.

Kaliki’s parent, BT Software, has partnered with magazine publishing groups to cover a broad variety of topics and interests. At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), BT Software is also announcing the rollout of daily newspaper coverage in markets like Los Angeles and Detroit. Expect additional coverage (of both news and magazines) as the service grows.

Are there downsides? As far as we can tell, the number of current magazines is limited, and we can’t imagine a scenario where we’d want Shape, TV Guide or Agence France-Presse read to us. The app is also available only for the Android platform at the moment, though a version for the iPhone will reportedly be available by month end.

Kaliki joins other apps recently announced for SYNC AppLink by Ford, including Rhapsody (which streams audio, podcasts and audiobooks) and internet radio station hub Aha by Harman. Ford is also testing BeCouply, an app that offers users nearby suggestions for date nights based upon voice commands like “go bowling” or simply, “find date ideas.”