• Ford's SYNC AppLink

    Whether they’re in print or digital form, few of us have the time these days to actually read newspapers or magazines. Instead, we get our information (in the form of easily-digested sound bites, generally) online, in-between sips of coffee on our way out the door. Ford thinks it has a better solution to keep you informed on subjects of interest. Thanks to an app called Kaliki, now available for Ford’s SYNC AppLink, drivers can have magazines and newspapers read to them by voice-over professionals behind the wheel. Kaliki’s parent, BT Software, has partnered with magazine...

  • Ford SYNC
    Ford's Innovative SYNC System Inducted Into Computer Museum

    When you think of Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum, you may imagine Eniac, or a DEC PDP-8, perhaps even such early personal computers as the Altair and Apple II. Well, think SYNC, too. Curators at the museum have added Ford's SYNC in-car connectivity and communications system to its...

  • 2013 Ford B-Max
    Ford SYNC Expands To Europe, B-Max First To Benefit

    Ford is set to debut its SYNC in-car connectivity system in the new-generation Ford B-Max compact MPV debuting at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show next week. While U.S. customers have been using SYNC for a few years now, the B-Max will be the first Ford in Europe to benefit from the option, which allows...

  • NPR News App with Ford Sync AppLink  -  2012 CES
    CES 2012: NPR News App Making Debut In Ford Vehicles

    At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Ford and NPR are announcing what Ford says is the first dedicated news app for Sync AppLink. Likewise, NPR is the first major news organization to release its own in-car streaming app.

  • 2012 Ford Mustang equipped with SYNC AppLink
    Ford Doubles Number Of SYNC Apps, Opens Silicon Valley Lab

    Ford will launch five more SYNC-compatible in-car apps at next week's CES show, and is opening a new research facility in Northern California to "drive innovation ion personal mobility."

  • Ford SYNC
    Ford Sync Reads Text Messages Aloud, Starting Today

    We've reviewed a number of smartphone apps that read texts aloud to drivers -- apps like, PhoneGuard, and SafeCell -- but we've seen very few text-to-speech applications from automakers themselves. Ford is a notable exception. Through its popular Sync infotainment system, Ford recently...

  • Ford's SYNC System. Image: Ford Motor Company

    Very little in life comes for free, which makes us appreciate paying less for something all the more. A drop in price of $100 certainly makes Ford's SYNC hands-free, in-car connectivity system something to appreciate. The system is now only $295. Things haven't been easy for Ford with its GM OnStar rival SYNC in recent months. The company has been hit with a patent infringement lawsuit, and occasionally poor user interaction in SYNC was partly responsible for the company tumbling from 5th to 23rd place on J.D. Power's Initial Quality Survey. Nevertheless Ford says that SYNC customers love the...

  • Ford SYNC
    Ford Testing Live SYNC Operators, Should OnStar Worry?

    Ford is experimenting with live operators to assist SYNC customers with a limited trial. But can it make up for 15 years lost to GM's OnStar service?

  • Ford's SYNCH System and Allergy Alert. Image: Ford Motor Company
    Onstar Versus Sync: Can Ford Catch Up? #YouTellUs

    Ford is beta testing live operator assistance for SYNC services, similar to what OnStar offers. But can Ford catch up to OnStar? #YouTellUs

  • sync_mustang.jpg
    Ford Hit With Patent Infringement Lawsuit Relating To SYNC

    A lawsuit filed by a Washington state technology company alleges that Ford has infringed on seven of their patents relating to vehicle communications.

  • 2012 Hyundai Veloster
    Hyundai's BlueLink Covers All Your Infotainment Needs

    Vehicle diagnostics, remote vehicle start and setting geographical restrictions for your sneaky children are just a small selection of the features found in Hyundai's BlueLink infotainment option. Joining the ranks of other automakers such as Nissan with CarWings and Ford's troubled SYNC...

  • MyFord Touch
    Can Better Voice Recognition Boost Ford's Quality Ranking?

    Yesterday, Ford Motor Company received quite a wallop from research firm J.D. Power: after several years of steady improvement, Ford plummeted from 5th place to 23rd on the firm's Initial Quality Survey. How can Ford climb back toward the top? Better voice-interaction with the company's SYNC system...

  • Ford's SYNCH System and Allergy Alert. Image: Ford Motor Company

    Ford researchers have been working with healthcare experts to develop an addition to their SYNC telematics system, and consumers are likely to find this either encouraging or terrifying, likely to to privacy concerns. The application is aimed at drivers with a chronic illness or medical condition that requires monitoring (such as diabetes or asthma). Ultimately, it could monitor a driver’s glucose level, or report on conditions such as local pollen count or smog alerts. It could even link to cloud-based personal health profiles to provide real-time health monitoring and coaching. Ford...

  • Ford SYNC
    Ford Sync Could Soon Monitor Your Blood Pressure, Too

    Ford's popular Sync telematics system offers an array of great features, like entertainment, navigation, and diagnostics. Now, the automaker's tech team are wondering if they might extend diagnostics to evaluate the health of drivers themselves. Developers at Ford have begun working with WellDoc, a...

  • 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca
    2012 Ford Mustang Gets SYNC AppLink Voice Control For Mobile Apps

    Smartphone junkies now have another reason to look up the new 2012 Ford Mustang as the car is next in line to receive the latest SYNC AppLink system, which allows voice and button control of smartphones with apps like Pandora and Stitcher. Already announced for the Fiesta, in an interesting move...

  • 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca
    Mustang To Get Sync Applink

    Ford's Sync system continues to offer new features, and another is on the way for Sync-equipped Mustangs. AppLink allows smart-phone users to use voice recognition to control their apps. The Mustang will be the first Ford vehicle to integrate AppLink with the optional navigation system. This will...

  • Ford SYNC Destinations app
    Ford's SYNC Goes Nostradamus, Predicts Best Departure Times

    Using navigation just to get to your destination is so 2009. Now your car can tell you when you should leave your origin point to cut transit time as short as possible. You'll need a SYNC-equipped and Traffic, Directions and Information (TDI)-capable Ford car, though. The new features, announced...

  • GM Experimenting With Facebook In Cars

    Want to update your Facebook status to say something about your tremendously fun drive behind the wheel of your new Camaro but don't want to risk crashing while you use your smart phone to update? Well, GM just might have the solution for you. That's right, GM is working on a system that will allow...

  • Ford SYNC AppLink system

    Ford will debut AppLink, a new system for the Sync platform that allows voice control of Pandora and other apps.

  • 2011 Ford Fiesta
    2011 Ford Fiesta Rocks Out With Voice Control For Pandora

    How would you like to choose between personalized Pandora stations, or select from the programming in your Stitcher custom channels, while keeping both hands on the wheel?

  • Ford MyTouch with Eco-Route
    MyFord Touch Gets Eco-Route Navigation Function To Help Curb Fuel Consumption

    When it comes to achieving the best possible fuel mileage the way you drive can be nearly as important as the vehicle you drive. That’s why Ford has developed a new feature for its MyFord and MyLincoln vehicle interface systems that offers an array of real-time information on fuel economy...

  • MyLincoln Touch - 2011 Lincoln MKX
    MyFord: 2011 Ford Edge, 2011 Lincoln MKX To Bring Twitter To SYNC

    The MyFord Touch and MyLincoln system aims to keep drivers connected even on the road.

  • MyFord Touch
    Ford Unveils iPhone-Inspired MyFord And MyLincoln Interface Systems

    Ford has introduced a new system to connect drivers with in-car technologies and their digital lives this week at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Dubbed MyFord or MyLincoln, depending on which vehicle you’re driving, the new interface system combines a number of...

  • Ford interior
    Ford First With iTunes Tagging With New HD Radio Capability

    This will be the world's first implementation of iTunes Tagging in a factory-installed HD Radio receiver but note that only select models will be offered with it.

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