So, you're driving down a mind-blowing stretch of unpopulated road and you're suddenly overtaken by the need to hear your latest Twitter updates. If you're in the 2011 Ford Edge or 2011 Lincoln MKX with MyFord/MyLincoln Touch, no sweat--just push the voice command button, tell the Open Beak app to read your feed, and listen as you hustle the corners.

That's just a taste of what Ford's SYNC system--already the best infotainment computer system on wheels--can do with the addition of the MyFord or MyLincoln touch-based connected dashboard. The system, which comes with an 8-inch touchscreen LCD, two 4.2-inch color LCDs on each side of the speedo, USB, SD, WiFi, 3D maps, and iTunes tagging, was just unveiled today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The three screens combine to take over the role of many typical hard buttons and secondary displays.

As shown in these interior photos, the system not only performs magic, it looks like it, too. The upscale styling, high-quality material finishes and attractive layout stand to move Ford and Lincoln vehicles up a notch in the interior design sweepstakes.

MyLincoln Touch - 2011 Lincoln MKX

MyLincoln Touch - 2011 Lincoln MKX

But that's not all. Put the car in park, jack in a USB keyboard, and you can surf the web through the 8-inch screen or connect to the car's Web connection through a WiFi interface on your laptop, phone, or other device. When you're done, you can cue up your favorite free radio station via the Pandora app, or listen to your saved podcasts, radio shows and news via the Stitcher app as you get back on the road. With MyFord's iPhone-like app capability, the possibilities are nearly endless--but only these three apps are available at launch.

For more detail on the MyFord and MyLincoln systems, check out our overview story. But don't miss out on the high-res shots of the 2011 Ford Edge and 2011 Lincoln MKX interiors in the gallery above!