Telematics has been in the spotlight for some time now. With the advances in technology, the in-car experience is getting even more connected. Yesterday Ford announced it will be beta-testing live operator assistance for SYNC services. Can Ford actually catch up to OnStar?

The GM service has been providing directions and assistance to consumers for more than 15 years now. Ford has been competing by touting its SYNC services, and how easy it is to use them. But is there a substitute for dealing with a real live human? Clearly Ford is thinks not.

The new Operator Assist function will use current SYNC hardware and software. A consumer can connect themselves to a live operator by using the voice command "Operator Assist." During the beta test the feature will be free to all registered SYNC users.

Today we ask you, can Ford catch up to OnStar? Tweet us your response and make sure to include the hashtag #TelematicsWars -- and you'll join the chorus right here via CoverItLive.