• OnStar Theft Alarm Notification

    Connected cars promise better safety and security, but like anything connected to a network, they can be susceptible to attacks from hackers. And General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] is just the latest automaker in the news due to cyber security concerns. ALSO SEE: BMW Offers EnLighten App Connectivity To Predict Traffic Signals Security researcher—or "white hat" hacker—Samy Kamkar has posted a video on YouTube showing him using a device called "OwnStar," which allows an unauthorized user to access some of the functionality of GM's OnStar system. During the demonstration, he is able...

  • Chevrolet cars now with 4G LTE capability
    Chevy Announces 4G LTE Capable Models And Launches New AppShop At CES

    At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas this week, Chevrolet announced the first of its models that will be offering as an option the high-speed connectivity that only 4G LTE can provide. Those initial models include 2015 model year Corvette, Impala, Malibu and Volt that...

  • Most GM models will offer 4G LTE mobile broadband from 2014 onwards
    Most GM Models To Offer High-Speed 4G LTE Broadband From 2014

    It was just two years ago that we brought you details about a prototype version of General Motors’ OnStar connectivity system with full 4G LTE support, which at the time we said could potentially offer services like Skype video chat, voice-to-text, vehicle and home monitoring, and more...

  • 2013 Chevrolet Camaro's frameless rear-view mirror with electrochromic OnStar buttons
    2013 Chevy Camaro Gets Frameless Rear-View Mirror In OnStar Revamp

    Some models of the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro range will sport a frameless mirror with electrochromic capabilities.

  • 2013 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE package
    2014 BMW X5 Spied, 2013 Camaro 1LE, OnStar Car Sharing: Today's Car News

    The 2014 BMW X5 has been spied, and though it brings no real surprises, it's expected to be lighter--and it looks a bit sleeker, too. We're still a year away from its release, however, so specifics are few. Chevy has taken the photographic wraps off of its 2013 Camaro 1LE model, which packs a host...

  • OnStar partners with RelayRides on peer-to-peer car rentals
    OnStar Partners With RelayRides On Peer-To-Peer Car Sharing: Video

    It’s no secret that, aside from high-dollar collector models, cars are a depreciating asset. Worse, you’re paying for your car even when you’re not using it, which is why peer-to-peer car sharing services like RelayRides are growing in popularity. The concept behind RelayRides is...

  • 2009 chevrolet caprice middle east 004

    UPDATE: The 2014 Chevrolet SS has been confirmed as the VF Holden Commodore. Click here for all the details. Just days after Chevrolet was found to have trademarked the "SS" nameplate, OnStar's vehicle compatibility guide has stepped up to list the "SS Performance" on its 2014 roll sheet. Seems like something's cooking here, and it smells like Caprice. Or is it Commodore? Holden, GM's Aussie division, is known to be working on a facelifted version of the Commodore. The same car, in last-gen form, was sold here in the U.S. as the Pontiac G8, and is currently being sold as the Chevy Caprice--as...

  • OnStar 4G LTE System
    In-Car Video Chat And 4G Streaming From OnStar

    OnStar will show its latest 4G tech at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in January.

  • OnStar's "Monster Dodger" service. Image: GM Corp.
    OnStar Now Protects You From The Zombie Apocalypse

    For Halloween, OnStar is offering subscribers a "Monster Dodger" service to route them around monster outbreaks.

  • OnStar
    OnStar Reverses Changes To Its Terms And Conditions

    Due to public outcry and political pressure, OnStar has announced that it will retract proposed changes to its terms and conditions that would have permitted vehicle monitoring even without an OnStar subscription.

  • OnStar
    OnStar's Reassurance: We Respect Your Privacy. Really, We Do

    It's often the way with the modern world: The products and services we use aren't just products and services any more - they're experiences. Where once you used to use a car to get from A to B with the occasional trip via C, now you can be as connected to your life on the internet as you are with...

  • SiriusXM 'Bring Your Radio Back to Life' campaign
    SiriusXM Offers 2 Free Weeks To Lapsed Subscribers

    The Great Recession forced many people to rein in household spending. Among the easiest cutbacks to make? Subscriptions to cable channels, magazines, and other infotainment services. Now that the economy is on the mend (this week, anyway), many of those services are working overtime to woo former...

  • Garmin teaser campaign, August 2011

    Garmin has launched a new teaser campaign via email and Facebook, and because it's a slow news day, our crack team of marketing specialists has decided to take some guesses at what all the fuss is about. So far, it appears that Garmin's campaign has two components: an email containing an image that reads, "Reimagined. Redesigned. Ready to move you. 08.24.2011", and a video that the company has posted only to its Facebook page. Unfortunately, the folks at Garmin don't seem to understand that Facebook videos can't be shared outside of Facebook, and the company hasn't yet bothered to upload the...

  • OnStar Family Link
    Don't Trust Your Teen? Track Them With GM OnStar Family Link

    If you're trusting your teenage son or daughter with the car for the night it's nice to know that their journey has gone safely - or that they're actually going where they said they would. For that extra piece of mind GM is testing a new OnStar service called 'Family Link' that allows subscribers...

  • Ford's SYNC System. Image: Ford Motor Company
    Ford SYNC More Affordable, Hands-Free Tech Now From $295

    Very little in life comes for free, which makes us appreciate paying less for something all the more. A drop in price of $100 certainly makes Ford's SYNC hands-free, in-car connectivity system something to appreciate. The system is now only $295. Things haven't been easy for Ford with its GM OnStar...

  • GM OnStar FMV
    OnStar In Every Car: FMV Available From July 24th For $300

    The OnStar vehicle infotainment, navigation and security system will be familar to owners of newer GM products, but soon you won't even need a GM vehicle to benefit from the technology. Revealed at CES back in March, OnStar FMV, "For My Vehicle", is an aftermarket mirror that features several of...

  • Ford SYNC
    Ford Testing Live SYNC Operators, Should OnStar Worry?

    Ford is experimenting with live operators to assist SYNC customers with a limited trial. But can it make up for 15 years lost to GM's OnStar service?

  • Ford's SYNCH System and Allergy Alert. Image: Ford Motor Company
    Onstar Versus Sync: Can Ford Catch Up? #YouTellUs

    Ford is beta testing live operator assistance for SYNC services, similar to what OnStar offers. But can Ford catch up to OnStar? #YouTellUs

  • Li Chao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shanghai OnStar Telematics

    General Motors has made huge inroads in China, and now, those inroads have grown a bit wider: yesterday at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, GM launched its smartphone app for China's OnStar subscribers. The OnStar app for Chinese drivers is nearly identical to the one that subscribers in North America have been using for some time. It offers remote starting, door locking and unlocking, diagnostic information (e.g. fuel level, tire pressure), and other familiar features. But while that may seem old hat to us, it's a major advance for Chinese consumers: according to a press release from GM, "The...

  • Speck Toughskin for TomTom
    New Study From OnStar Says Voice-Based Navigation Systems Are Safer

    Everyone knows that distracted driving is a big problem on the roads these days. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood focuses most of his energy on combating the dangers of texting and driving -- presumably because it's more common with younger, less-experienced drivers -- but in fact, there...

  • OnStar retail mirror
    Retail OnStar Kit Gets New Name, Upgrades

    At the recent 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, GM showed off a new standalone retail version of its popular OnStar telematics system that acts as a replacement rearview mirror that owners will be able to install in virtually any vehicle. Today the automaker has announced that the new...

  • Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 VCDi turbodiesel (Europe)
    Chevrolet Cruzes To SXSW To Hype MyLink And New Models

    Whip out your backpack and groom your mustache: it's time for America's favorite festival for interactive, film, and music, South by Southwest. And just like last year, Chevrolet will be tagging along with lots of new goods, including Chevy MyLink. The company will also host a shuttle service, a...

  • Chevrolet MyLink preview event, New York City, February 2011
    Chevrolet Launches MyLink Infotainment System on Volt, Equinox

    Tonight, Chevrolet unveiled its new Chevy MyLink in-car infotainment package, which lets drivers control integrated online services like Pandora internet radio and Stitcher SmartRadio using either touch-screen menu options or voice commands to control smart phones via Bluetooth connectivity. While...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf
    2011 Nissan LEAF And Others 'Connected To The Cloud'

    Cloud computing is very much a feature of 'Web 2.0'. Rather than using a location-dependent center of resources such as a server, cloud computing uses shared servers, all of which can be used to provide resources, software and data. For Average Joe, this might mean using web-based word processing...

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