The OnStar vehicle infotainment, navigation and security system will be familar to owners of newer GM products, but soon you won't even need a GM vehicle to benefit from the technology.

Revealed at CES back in March, OnStar FMV, "For My Vehicle", is an aftermarket mirror that features several of the features you'd expect from OnStar, such as turn-by-turn navigation, hands-free calling, Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance, automatic crash response and more. From July 24th you'll be able to buy the unit from Best Buy for £299.99.

Installation is another $75 and you'll have to pay another $18.95 per month to benefit from all the features (normal reflective properties of the mirror aside) ad OnStar claims it'll work on 90 million older vehicles, so you'll have to be trying pretty hard to find something it won't fit. If you're still worried, there's a list over at

The guys and gals at Best Buy will handle installation at one of the 1,000-plus nationwide stores, and several other retailers will also be selling FMV.

And the best thing? Even if you're an ardent Ford or Chrysler fan, you now have no exuses for breaking your allegiance...

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