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    It's often the way with the modern world: The products and services we use aren't just products and services any more - they're experiences. Where once you used to use a car to get from A to B with the occasional trip via C, now you can be as connected to your life on the internet as you are with your smartphone or home PC. The downside of this is that a lot more of your personal information is constantly in transit, whether paying for stuff when you're out and about or just driving around with a GPS signal trapping you. And with a recent change to GM's OnStar terms of service agreement...

  • Garmin teaser campaign, August 2011
    Garmin Launches Cryptic Teaser Campaign, We Unravel It

    Garmin has launched a new teaser campaign via email and Facebook, and because it's a slow news day, our crack team of marketing specialists has decided to take some guesses at what all the fuss is about. So far, it appears that Garmin's campaign has two components: an email containing an image that...

  • GM OnStar FMV
    OnStar In Every Car: FMV Available From July 24th For $300

    The OnStar vehicle infotainment, navigation and security system will be familar to owners of newer GM products, but soon you won't even need a GM vehicle to benefit from the technology. Revealed at CES back in March, OnStar FMV, "For My Vehicle", is an aftermarket mirror that features several of...

  • OnStar retail mirror
    Retail OnStar Kit Gets New Name, Upgrades

    At the recent 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, GM showed off a new standalone retail version of its popular OnStar telematics system that acts as a replacement rearview mirror that owners will be able to install in virtually any vehicle. Today the automaker has announced that the new...

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