Porsche has another winner on its hands. It's not a new supercar or the next generation of its 911 sports car range though - Porsche Design takes our prize for offering the most unusual car-branded accessory.

Ferrari previously had our favourite with a carbon-fiber child measuring stick, but the product design wing of Porsche, Porsche Design, has revealed its latest product from the P'3000 Accessories range - the Porsche Design Shisha.

The shisha pipe will be sold alongside Porsche Design chopsticks, tea sets and clothing in a new 590-square foot store in the world famous Harrods department store in London's Knightsbridge.

Befitting the achingly modern Porsche Design tag, it's a lot more high tech and a lot less ornate than any shisha pipe we've ever seen before. It makes use of higher-tech materials too - aluminum, stainless steel and glass, with flexible tubing made from TecFlex. Just so people are absolutely sure who designed it, discreet Porsche Design branding is ghosted onto the aluminum.

If you're after a classy shisha experience but can't manage a trip to London, don't worry. The Porsche Design Shisha should be available at Porsche Design boutiques worldwide.

Continuing the tradition of high-tech car branded accessories though, there's no word on the price. If you have to ask...

[Porsche Design via Gizmodo]