The only trouble with flashy new technology is that it tends to be expensive. Manufacturers spend millions developing the latest infotainment and safety kit and they have to recoup their costs somehow.

So what can Billy Joe Average do if he hasn't got the money to get a car with the latest safety tech such as brake assist, as found on some higher-end Volvos and Mercedes-Benz models?

Those with initiative might invent their own system, as ingenious craftsman Mr Karel from the Czech Republic has done. You can see how his high-tech device works by watching the video below...

Okay, so you might have gathered by now that the chaps in the video aren't being entirely serious, and that it's actually a clever video by Ford of Europe to promote the safety devices available on the 2012 Ford Focus such as Active City Stop and Blind-Spot Detection.

There's actually a double-entendre to the video though. Although you could go to extreme lengths to get this sort of safety tech, it's no longer the preserve of luxury cars.

Unfortunately, we don't have the money for a new Ford Focus, so we're heading to the nearest Home Depot to pick up a broom...

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