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  • Czech DIY Active City Stop

    The only trouble with flashy new technology is that it tends to be expensive. Manufacturers spend millions developing the latest infotainment and safety kit and they have to recoup their costs somehow. So what can Billy Joe Average do if he hasn't got the money to get a car with the latest safety tech such as brake assist, as found on some higher-end Volvos and Mercedes-Benz models? Those with initiative might invent their own system, as ingenious craftsman Mr Karel from the Czech Republic has done. You can see how his high-tech device works by watching the video below... Okay, so you might...

  • 2012 Ford Focus
    Ford Counting On In-Car Technology For New 2012 Focus

    Ford is aiming to prove that you don't need a big car to enjoy big car technology when it launches the 2012 Ford Focus in March. We've already taken a look at Ford's 'Torque Hole Filling' auto transmission which should make the six-speed auto quicker, more efficient and more refined than ever...

  • 2012 Ford Focus Five-Door
    2012 Ford Focus Has 'Torque Hole Filling' Auto Trans Tech

    Changing gear is a necessary evil. Of course, for driving enthusiasts it can be a challenge and a pleasure, and in cars with automatic transmissions you can sit back and let the car do the work for you, but the downside with the shifting process is always the momentary pause in progress...

  • City of Detroit, by jdurchen [Flickr]
    2010 Detroit Auto Show Coverage

    It's another winter of discontent in the Motor City, with automakers still reeling from bankruptcies, new fuel and safety rules, and a world that cares roughly half as much about buying new cars and trucks as it did 18 months ago. Still, as we plumb the depths the 2010 Detroit Auto Show this week...

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