General Motors is updating the look of its OnStar buttons as it rolls out the connectivity and telematics feature in more and more markets across the globe. The new designs are said to be more easily recognizable, however, they also better reflect new software updates that have also been added. Additionally, on some versions of the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro, instead of buttons, drivers will be faced with a touch-screen panel integrated into a frameless rear-view mirror for all the OnStar functions.

The new frameless mirror, which pays homage to the design featured in classic Camaros, sports the typical OnStar buttons, though they have electrochromic capabilities that allow them to light up when touched and dim shortly afterwards. The mirror itself is also auto-dimming, meaning it will lighten or darken depending on ambient light conditions.

For now the frameless mirror is only available on Camaro SS and higher trim levels, though GM is considering adding it to more models, including from other makes, in the near future.

As for updates to the OnStar system itself, the previous “Hands-Free Calling” button has been changed to a “Voice Command” button to better reflect its ability to do more than just make hands-free phone calls. It now also allows drivers to access a saved route; check hands-free calling minutes or access the OnStar Virtual Advisor, which includes saved MapQuest directions or traffic, weather and stock updates.

The Voice Command button also better integrates with infotainment systems like Chevrolet MyLink, Cadillac CUE and IntelliLink from Buick and GMC. These touch-screen infotainment systems now also feature the “Voice Command” button.

The blue “OnStar” button, meanwhile, has finally switched to OnStar’s newest logo introduced in 2010. The function of this button hasn’t changed, putting you in touch with an OnStar representative that can help with directions, emergency services and vehicle diagnostics.

Finally, the “Emergency” button has been updated with the internationally recognized “SOS” symbol, reflective of OnStar’s upcoming expansion into new global markets. 

OnStar gets redesigned buttons and more functionality for 2013

OnStar gets redesigned buttons and more functionality for 2013