The Volkswagen XL1 isn't all that exciting on its own, though its application of technology is impressive (and a sporty version is in the works). Achieving 261 mpg from aerodynamics, weight savings, and an efficient diesel engine, the XL1 is a new breed of car. Accordingly, it's getting a new breed of repair service: an augmented reality iPad app.

The app, developed by Metaio, is called MARTA (which stands for Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance), and offers Volkswagen technicians a futuristic way to see the maintenance and repair a customer's car needs through an iPad tablet.

The system shows real and virtual parts in three-dimensional relationship to each other, as well as labeling the parts and giving instructions for maintenance or repair. By simply calling up the app and pointing the tablet at the car, the technician can then see all of the jobs to be performed as if the car itself were showing its needs in the real world.

Metaio and Volkswagen see this new system as helping to deliver the next generation of support and service that next-generation vehicles like the XL1 will require, while at the same time streamlining the service process--something technicians and owners alike will enjoy.

The MARTA system will be presented at the InsideAR Conference, the world's largest meeting of augmented reality workers, in Munich on October 11.



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