Porsche is taking is Track Precision app beyond closed courses. The automaker on Wednesday announced a new free drive mode that lets users record moments from their everyday drives.

The Track Precision app can record video using a smartphone's camera, and incorporate it with data such as speed, revs, braking force, steering angle, and lateral acceleration, using a WiFi connection to the car. These features were designed to help drivers improve lap times. Free drive mode gives these functions a few tweaks.

Instead of capturing continuous video, as it would for a lap of a track, the app records a 1-minute video when the car recognizes a "special driving event," Porsche said in a press release.

Porsche Track Precision app

Porsche Track Precision app

Those events are detected through sensor data, such as high braking pressure or lateral-g, according to Porsche. Drivers can also manually engage free drive mode, the automaker noted. The app can also combine videos with other media, such as photos taken during breaks on a drive, Porsche added. Data traces are reserved for track driving, however.

Porsche has steadily added more features to the Track Precision app since its 2015 launch. The app also features a virtual driving coach, briefings on racetracks, and tutorials for braking points and other aspects of driving dynamics. Porsche also has an Off-Road Precision app for off-road driving.

The latest version of the Porsche Track Precision app is available for iOS (version 14 and up) and Android (version 8 and up). It can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.