Porsche wants to make the lives of 911 drivers even easier with the launch of its Porsche 360+ lifestyle assistant app for iOS. The brand announced the app's launch on Monday, which has the ability to handle numerous tasks and grants users access to a live human assistant.

According to the company, Porsche 360+ provides a dashboard to track and control requests, such as the search for a last-minute gift, booking travel plans, or securing tickets to a sold-out event. And users have access to their assigned personal assistant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's important to note the app and its associated services are only available in Europe. A Porsche spokesperson told Motor Authority that Europe is the only market lined up for now and additional launches are to be determined. Further, only 911 drivers will have access to Porsche 360+. But, in the future, the brand said the goal is to bring the service to other users and not just Porsche owners. The app launches with a 99 euro monthly fee, or about $112.

Users will also be able to communicate with their personal assistant via messaging, email, or a phone call from within the application. And if the assistant needs more information on a particular request, users can even upload a photo for reference to a particular event or item to share with him or her.

But, users will also find a host of curated content within Porsche 360+. Experiences and services will be listed for 911 owners to take advantage of, such as premium hand wash services to keep an owner's car clean, hand-picked options for dining out, and access to business clubs or lounges at airports and other facilities. 

While Europeans and 911 owners bask in the luxury that is Porsche 360+, anyone can take advantage of the company's other smartphone app. Porsche Road Trip offers any drivers a specially selected assortment of the finest driving roads in Europe and the United States.