• Zenvo TSR-S

    Zenvo's TSR-S hypercar is now even lighter thanks to forged carbon construction.

  • Zenvo TSR-S at the track
    Watch the Zenvo TSR-S supercar's crazy rear wing in action

    Zenvo showed up at this year's Geneva auto show with a new street-legal version of its TSR track machine. Called the TSR-S, the car is simply pure aggression, from its flat-plane crank V-8 with twin superchargers, to its carbon fiber body and no-nonsense interior. But we haven't even got to its...

  • Zenvo TSR-S
    Zenvo debuts TSR-S track-focused supercar in Geneva

    Denmark's Zenvo unveiled the new TSR-S supercar on Tuesday at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. The new model is a street-legal, track-focused offering that bridges the gap between the more comfort-oriented TS1 GT and hardcore, track-only TSR in Zenvo's lineup. Power comes from Zenvo's...

  • Zenvo TSR-S
    Zenvo bringing new supercar to 2018 Geneva auto show

    Denmark's Zenvo is promising a new supercar for March's 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. All we know about the car is what is revealed in a trio of teaser shots the company released Tuesday. They reveal little in the way of details apart from a taste of the car's gorgeous carbon fiber body...

  • Zenvo TS1 GT, 2017 Geneva auto show
    Zenvo announces partnership with Rebellion Racing

    Last week Danish supercar marque Zenvo announced it had a surprise in store for the 2017 Geneva auto show. The surprise turned out to be a strategic partnership with Swiss endurance racing outfit Rebellion Racing. The two firms, which both turn ten this year, plan to share engineering resources as...

  • Zenvo TS1 GT
    Zenvo reveals TS1 GT ahead of Geneva show, says surprise is coming

    Zenvo has revealed its new TS1 GT supercar ahead of the formal debut next week at the 2017 Geneva auto show. The car was shown as a prototype at last year’s show and has since undergone a grueling test program to get it ready for production. The version headed to Geneva is a special 10th...

  • Teaser for Zenvo TS1 GT debuting at 2017 Geneva auto show

    It’s hard to believe that it’s now been 10 years since Zenvo first burst onto the scene. To celebrate the Danish supercar marque is set to unveil a special 10th anniversary model at the upcoming 2017 Geneva auto show. It will be based on Zenvo's new TS1 GT, a car described as a mix of hypercar and grand tourer and in development for the past two years. It’s not an all-new model, though, as it’s an evolution of Zenvo’s first car, the ST1. The TS1 GT was previewed in prototype form at the 2016 Geneva auto show, although at the time there were few specs to divulge...

  • Zenvo TSR
    Zenvo launches TS1 supercar at 2016 Geneva auto show

    Zenvo, the other Scandinavian supercar marque, first burst onto the scene back in 2009 with its ST1. The car boasted a supercharged and turbocharged V-8 delivering in excess of 1,100 horsepower, plus an aggressive look that makes a GT-R appear tame in comparison. However, some notable teething...

  • Zenvo ST1 on fire
    Zenvo ST1 supercar catches fire… again

    Danish supercar startup Zenvo has had a string of bad luck bringing its 1,104-horsepower ST1 to market. After a prototype version suffered a crash during a track day event back in 2010, a more advanced example famously caught fire while being tested by Jeremy Clarkson for an episode of Top Gear...

  • Zenvo ST1
    Zenvo ST1 Supercar Gets New Transmission, Minor Updates For 2015 Geneva Motor Show

    Danish supercar startup Zenvo first burst onto the scene back in 2008 when it rolled out a pre-production prototype for its ST1 supercar. The firm didn’t really make headlines, however, until a ST1 being tested by Top Gear in 2014 suffered from some mechanical issues and ultimately went up in...

  • Zenvo ST1 catches fire on Top Gear
    Zenvo ST1 Proves Supercar Cred With Raging Fire On Top Gear: Video

    What makes a supercar a supercar? It’s a question asked by many, and answered in as many different ways. But one objective determination of a supercar is its propensity to catch fire for no good reason. By that metric, the Zenvo ST1 is a proper supercar. MUST SEE: 27-Year-Old That Crashed...

  • Zenvo ST1
    A close look at the 1,104-horsepower Zenvo ST1 supercar

    After hitting the auto show scene several years ago with a prototype of a brand new supercar called the ST1, Danish startup Zenvo finally presented the production version in late 2013 at the Dubai Motor Show. For those unfamiliar with Zenvo, the company is aiming to become the next great...

  • Zenvo ST-1 in the garage of Jay Leno

    Denmark’s Zenvo ST1 supercar finally goes on sale in the U.S. on Wednesday but self-described car nut and television personality Jay Leno was fortunate enough to have already taken one for a spin. Fresh from Denmark, Zeno founders Jesper Jensen and Troels Vollertsen paid a visit to Jay Leno’s garage recently and just so happened to bring along their new baby with them. Their baby just so happens to be a hand-built supercar developing no less than 1,100 horsepower and capable of reaching speeds of up to 233 mph. As we previously reported, only 15 of the ST1s are planned for...

  • Zenvo
    Zenvo ST1 50S Lands In America This Month

    The long awaited Zenvo ST1 supercar from Denmark will arrive in the U.S. on November 16.

  • 1,250 horsepower Zenvo ST-1 50S in Crystal Blue
    Zenvo Announces North American Distributor, ST1 50S Special Edition Model

    We’ve known for some time that the insane 1,104 horsepower Zenvo ST1 supercar would be coming to the U.S. but now we have official availability and pricing details, as well as news that there will be a special edition launch model. The car’s local distributor, Red Sea Distribution, has...

  • HBH Mid-Engine Vantage Teaser
    HBH Teases Mid-Engined Supcercar Based On Aston Martin Vantage

    Hermann Brandt Hartwig (HBH), the deranged Danish minds that helped bring to life the spectacularly excessive Zenvo ST1, are on to their next project: a V-12 powered, mid-engined supercar based on the Aston Martin V12 Vantage. They released the first teaser picture this week, giving a good look at...

  • Zenvo
    1,104 HP Zenvo ST1 Coming To U.S., Priced At $1,225,000

    Denmark's own supercar, the Zenvo ST1, will soon be coming to America. Red Sea, the sole distributor for the turbocharged 1,104-horsepower V-8-powered monster, has announced pricing today. The cost of owning this rolling piece of Danish art? A cool $1.125 million. That's certainly a hefty sum, but...

  • Zenvo
    Supercar Manufacturer Zenvo Plans Three New Cars

    All three Zenvo models are expected to feature the ST1’s 7.0-liter V-8 engine in varying states of tune.

  • 2009 zenvo st1 supercar 027

    The Danes are better known for their stunning architectural and cutting-edge product design, but now a Danish firm has turned its hand to the task of designing a supercar, and the result is the Zenvo ST1. As the first purely Danish supercar, the ST1 sets its aspirations high. Powered by a turbo/supercharged V8 engine rated at 1,104hp (823kW) and a massive 1,056lb-ft (1,430nm), the car's designers claim 0-62mph (100km/h) acceleration in just 3.0 seconds, an electronically limited top speed of 232mph (375km/h) and a power-to-weight ratio of 802hp/tonne. The impressive performance comes despite...

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