It’s hard to believe that it’s now been 10 years since Zenvo first burst onto the scene.

To celebrate the Danish supercar marque is set to unveil a special 10th anniversary model at the upcoming 2017 Geneva auto show. It will be based on Zenvo's new TS1 GT, a car described as a mix of hypercar and grand tourer and in development for the past two years. It’s not an all-new model, though, as it’s an evolution of Zenvo’s first car, the ST1.

The TS1 GT was previewed in prototype form at the 2016 Geneva auto show, although at the time there were few specs to divulge. Now we know that the car will deliver in excess of 1,150 horsepower and be able to top 250 mph.

Zenvo TS1

Zenvo TS1

Power comes from a bespoke twin-supercharged 5.9-liter V-8 developed in-house at Zenvo. The mighty motor boasts a flat plane crank and carbon fiber intake and is said to deliver instant throttle response and a wide torque curve.

The engine is mounted behind the seats and sends drive to the rear wheels via a paddle-shifted 7-speed sequential transmission. The transmission is said to feature a new instant shift system to deliver performance on par or superior to dual-clutch ‘boxes.

Since starting work on the TS1 GT two years ago, Zenvo has been building a new production facility in Praesto on the east coast of the Danish island Zealand. The company has also been conducting extensive tests near the Arctic Circle, primarily to develop a new traction control system.

Having established itself with the STI, Zenvo is now ready for a proper sales assault. The company plans to announce a dealer network in Europe and the United States very soon and has hired Nigel Gordon-Stewart as its new commercial director. The British supercar specialist has previously held senior roles at the likes of Lamborghini, Lotus and McLaren.

Beyond the TS1 GT, Zenvo will launch a track-focused version called the TSR, which was also previewed last year in Geneva. And further out Zenvo plans to add a hybrid model whose development has already commenced.

Stay tuned for the reveal at the Geneva auto show, which starts March 7. For more from the show, head to our dedicated hub.