Denmark's own supercar, the Zenvo ST1, will soon be coming to America. Red Sea, the sole distributor for the turbocharged 1,104-horsepower V-8-powered monster, has announced pricing today. The cost of owning this rolling piece of Danish art? A cool $1.125 million.

That's certainly a hefty sum, but considering the limited availability and the price of the car's competition, it's actually fairly reasonable.

Weighing in at a relatively light 3,040 pounds and clocking 62 mph in 3.0 seconds, the Zenvo ST1 is electronically limited to 233 mph. With a limit that high, you have to wonder why they limited it at all.

Dealers for the Zenvo are currently being selected, but no time frame has been announced for delivery. Only 15 of the cars are being made each year, so it'll be a fight to get your hands on one provided you've got the dosh to dole out.