Denmark's Zenvo is close to revealing its follow up to its TS line of hypercars, whose production ended last year with the TSR-GT.

The newcomer is called the Aurora, and it is confirmed for a debut in August.

Production will be capped at 100 units, and Zenvo said the car will be certified for worldwide markets, meaning it should be street-legal in the U.S. Approximately 30% of the build slots are already accounted for, according to the company.

While all of Zenvo's previous cars have featured V-8 power, the Aurora will switch to a new V-12 hybrid powertrain developed in-house. The engine will be a twin-turbo 6.0-liter V-12, and Zenvo will mate it with a transmission integrating a hybrid system.

Zenvo headquarters in Præstø, Denmark

Zenvo headquarters in Præstø, Denmark

Zenvo Chief Commercial Officer Jens Sverdrup has previously hinted at a combined output as high as 1,800 hp. However, Zenvo said the Aurora's mission is more focused on delivering a fun driving experience as opposed to headline numbers, meaning the final output may be lower for production.

The Aurora will ride on a new chassis that Zenvo said is a modular design. Unlike the company's previous cars, the Aurora's chassis will be a full-carbon design, including the subframes. The TS line uses a chassis made from a mix of steel and aluminum.

Two versions of the Aurora are planned: Agil and Tur. Agil will be the more hardcore version designed for track driving, while the Tur version will be the option for grand touring. The Aurora Tur will still have a top speed over 248 mph, though.