Danish supercar startup Zenvo has had a string of bad luck bringing its 1,104-horsepower ST1 to market.

After a prototype version suffered a crash during a track day event back in 2010, a more advanced example famously caught fire while being tested by Jeremy Clarkson for an episode of Top Gear that aired in 2014.

Now the supercharged and turbocharged ST1 has caught fire again. At a track event in the Danish capital Copenhagen this past weekend, the car suddenly burst into flames after which its driver promptly pulled over, jumped out and ran for his life.

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When contacted by Danish website Pro-Street, Zenvo said it was investigating the incident and suspects that it may have been caused by the fuel system. The good news is that no one was injured.

Zenvo recently rolled out an updated version of the ST1 that was fitted with a new sequential transmission instead of the previous manual. It’s not clear how many of the cars have actually been delivered to customers though as recently as March the tally was just two.