The Ferrari F40 is truly an iconic supercar that represents all of the best elements of that class of car. It's been honored by many, but now the car is finally getting the recognition it deserves... thanks to Lego! The bite-sized brick-building company has created a scaled-down Ferrari F40 that will appeal to both Lego fans and fans of the famous supercar alike.

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You're going to have to put on your patient thinking cap when you sit down to build this one. There are 1,158 pieces and that includes a few new ones created just for this kit. More amazing then the number of pieces, however, is just how detailed this Lego Ferrari actually is. The rear bodywork opens up to reveal the twin-turbocharged V-8 engine, which is a separate unit all on its own that can be plucked from the car. Both of the doors open, and the interior is revealed complete with gauge work and a prancing horse logo on the steering wheel.

It's one heck of a mini machine, but it's not surprising that it's so good either considering that the Lego team is more than capable of crafting serious works of brick art. Lego designer Mike walks you through the development of the car, which occurred with help from Ferrari, in the video above. Such a car, just like the real one, doesn't come cheaply. The kit retails for about $90 in the United States. Still, this is so much more than a toy, and it's priced as such.

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