We’re sure many readers can relate to how the Porsche 918 Spyder driver in this video must have felt. You’re in a holiday spot with a shiny new car, in this case in St. Tropez with one of the most desirable cars on the planet, and you end up giving the loud pedal a little squeeze to let onlookers see what your beast can do.

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However, when said beast is an 887-horsepower supercar like the 918 Spyder, a little extra caution is required, especially when you’re in the tight confines of a car park and there are pedestrians ahead—as was the case for the 918 Spyder driver.

Unfortunately, it all goes wrong for him. As the video from YouTube user i Devon (via Auto Motor and Sport) reveals, once he passes security, he hits the pedal a bit too hard and the car suddenly accelerates. Fortunately he’s able to miss the pedestrians but he ends up hitting a curb. There’s some damage done to the front of the car, and the impact was strong enough that airbags were deployed.

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The good news is that no one was hurt—not even the driver’s inflated ego by the looks of it.


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