• Ferrari 512S Modulo concept after repairs to restore fire damage - Photo credit: James Glickenhaus

    The one-off Ferrari 512S Modulo concept of 1970 is safe despite a fire.

  • Fire suppression system in Dodge Viper ACR-X
    Witness how a fire suppression system works in a Dodge Viper ACR-X

    Modern race cars may be extraordinarily powerful, but they're also safer than they've ever been. One key component to a modern race car is a fire suppression system, and in a video from Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds, we see how the system works. The test car is a Dodge Viper ACR-X, which was a...

  • Glickenhaus' iconic Ferrari Modulo concept drives on despite fire
    Glickenhaus' iconic Ferrari Modulo concept drives on despite fire

    The one-off Ferrari 512S Modulo concept of 1970 is safe despite a fire.

  • Classic Chevrolet dealership set fire–Image via Amberly Jane Campbell/Shawangunk Journal
    Classic 1990 Chevrolet Corvettes, Camaros, and rare Beretta burn on HBO set

    A fire on the set of HBO's "I Know This Much Is True" claimed 12 1990-vintage Chevy Camaros, Corvette, pickups, and even an Indy edition Beretta.

  • Replacement Ford GT for owner of burned car Photo: muc.collector
    Ford built new GT for German owner whose car caught fire

    After a German owner watched his new Ford GT erupt into flames in June, the U.S. automaker has built a replacement car in the identical specification. The owner, who goes by the handle muc.collector on Instagram, posted a photo on Saturday showing his replacement Ford GT after a fire turned the car...

  • Ford GT catches fire in Germany
    2017 Ford GT catches fire in Germany

    It's never a good day when a car catches fire, but when a high-priced supercar catches fire, not only do we take notice, but so does the automaker. In this case, a 2017 Ford GT has burned to the ground in Munich, Germany, and Ford has weighed in. The owner in Germany has not provided details on the...

  • Alpine A110 that caught fire during filming of “Top Gear”

    “Top Gear” is no stranger to cars catching fire. There's been a number of incidents in the decades the series has been on television, and now the latest crew to do the hosting have a story of their own to tell. In this case it was the new A110 sports car from revived French brand Alpine that caught fire, with Chris Harris behind the wheel and Eddie Jordan in the passenger seat. They were driving in front of the cameras for a stunt coinciding with last month's Monte Carlo Rally when informed that flames were coming from the underside of the car. Harris immediately pulled over and...

  • 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
    2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 can shoot flames from its exhaust

    When Chevrolet pulled the wraps off of the 2019 Corvette ZR1, a little nugget of information caught our attention. The brand claimed the 755-horsepower sports car would shoot flames from its exhaust, but it did not provide any evidence. Was it a quick puff of fire? A constant stream of fire spewing...

  • Ferrari F12 tdf that succumbed to fire near Neuwied, Germany - Image via Feuerwehr/DRK
    Ferrari F12 tdf burns to a crisp on German Autobahn

    A Ferrari F12 tdf was burned to a crisp on Thursday on a stretch of German Autobahn. The owner and a passenger were traveling on the A3 Autobahn near the city of Neuwied when the limited-edition supercar caught fire. They told police there was a loud bang and then flames started shooting from the...

  • Classic cars destroyed at Country Classic Cars
    More than 150 classic cars destroyed in fire at Illinois dealership

    More than 150 classic cars were damaged or utterly destroyed after a fire broke out at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, Illinois. Thankfully, it seems most of the cars residing in the facility were for sale, meaning owners aren't mourning the loss of their classic metal. Still, it's an unfortunate...

  • 2014 Porsche 911 GT3
    Porsche offers lengthy engine warranty for some GT3 owners

    Let's flash back to the year 2014. Porsche had introduced its all-new 991-generation 911 GT3 the year prior, and now the car was making its way into the hands of excited owners. Their passion for the car was fiery. The problem was that the car could become fiery as well. When the 991.1 GT3 first...

  • Nissan GT-Rs destroyed in fire that engulfed RB Motorsport workshop
    Nissan GT-R hoard destroyed in specialty shop fire

    Numerous Nissan GT-Rs of various vintage were destroyed recently. The cars, which included an R32 Skyline GT-R right up to the current R35 model, met their untimely death in a fire that engulfed RB Motorsport in Wigan, United Kingdom on Friday. And we hear that they were all customer cars. RB...

  • Cars shooting flames at the Nürburgring

    When a car spits flames out of its exhaust, it's either very cool or a sign that things are about to go wrong. For 99 percent of the above video, the footage and action falls mostly into the category of the former. What we have is a video compilation of cars blowing flames out their rear ends. There are a few race cars, a massively powerful Toyota Supra, and then so many Skylines. It's quite clear after watching this video that every Skyline owner in Europe can turn any car meet into a chance for s'mores. That's a lot of fire coming out the back of these highly desired Japanese...

  • Remains of Ferrari F40 that burned to the ground in April, 2017 - Image via IVG
    Ferrari F40 burns to the ground in Italy

    We have some grim news to report on this Monday. A Ferrari F40 ended up as nothing but a pile of ashes and some charred metal after the car caught fire. The F40 was part of a cavalcade of Ferraris passing near Villanova d’Albenga, Italy when the fire broke out. The incident happened early...

  • Freshly restored Ferrari F40 burnt to a crisp
    Freshly restored Ferrari F40 burnt to a crisp

    The Ferrari F40 is iconic. The Ferrari F40 is rare. The Ferrari F40 is extremely valuable. This particular Ferrari F40 is no longer quite as valuable. This car, according to Motor1, was being driven just after it received a full restoration when it decided to self immolate. These pictures were...

  • Joe Charles in his 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 that caught fire during track day
    Shelby GT350 turns into fireball after flames kill brakes at 100 mph

    One track enthusiast is lucky to be alive after a fiery incident involving his 2016 Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Shelby GT350. As explained in detail on his Facebook page, Joe Charles was enjoying a long day at the track when a series of disasters struck, culminating in his car being engulfed in...

  • Nissan GT-R Shoots Flames From Its Exhaust
    Can You Light A Cigarette With A Nissan GT-R?

    The Nissan GT-R, as it comes from the factory, is quite a beast. It's capable of accelerating to 60 miles per hour from a standstill in less than three seconds. This Japanese two-door has tremendous lateral grip, and it will show you just how much on its Gran Turismo-designed center screen display...

  • Lamborghini Avenatdor Catches Fire During Valet Joyride
    Valet Takes Lamborghini Aventador For Joyride, And Of Course It Catches Fire

    We've seen the lessons time and time again on why a valet should never ever take a customer's car for a joyride. In case you were wondering, aside from it being simply wrong, the valet's employer and the employee are probably on the hook if something happens to that vehicle while in their...

  • Ferrari 488 GTB

    After issuing a recall on the 2016 California T, Ferrari [NYSE:F] has ordered a stop-sale on the 2016 488 GTB due to a potential fire risk. A recall wasn't necessary because none of the cars have been sold in the United States yet. ALSO SEE: 2016 Ferrari California T Recalled Over Fire Risk A manufacturing flaw in a fuel-system component could lead to an engine-compartment fire. Specifically, a low-pressure fuel line, supplied by Dytech, may not be properly connected to the fuel pump’s feed line due to an "improper coating treatment" where the metallic portion of the fuel pipe connects...

  • 2016 Ferrari California T
    2016 Ferrari California T Recalled Over Fire Risk

    Ferrari [NYSE:F] is recalling the 2016 California T because a manufacturing flaw in a fuel-system component could lead to an engine-compartment fire—and, potentially, one very unhappy Ferrari owner. The recall affects all 2016 Ferrari California T models made from September 8, 2015 to...

  • Fire breathing Nissan GT-R playing in the snow
    Fire Breathing Nissan GT-R Plays In The Snow: Video

    Just imagine getting the keys to a Nissan GT-R during the winter season. We know we’d run out and do exactly what the driver in this video from YouTube user Vehicle Virgins is doing. More than 500 horsepower of twin-turbo grunt, one of the best all-wheel-drive systems in production, and an...

  • Ferrari 458 Italia set on fire in insurance fraud attempt - Image via Augsburg Police
    Spoiled Son Sets Fire To Gifted Ferrari In Order To Upgrade To New Model

    In a bizarre case out of Europe, a 20-year-old Swiss man reportedly set fire to a Ferrari 458 Italia given to him by his father in a half-baked scheme to use the insurance money to upgrade to a new model. Incredibly, the spoiled brat is said to have had 14 other cars (including a Lamborghini) at...

  • Zenvo ST1 on fire
    Zenvo ST1 supercar catches fire… again

    Danish supercar startup Zenvo has had a string of bad luck bringing its 1,104-horsepower ST1 to market. After a prototype version suffered a crash during a track day event back in 2010, a more advanced example famously caught fire while being tested by Jeremy Clarkson for an episode of Top Gear...

  • 1,300-horsepower Audi R8 V10 shoots flames on the dyno
    Watch This 1,300-Horsepower Audi R8 Shoot Flames: Video

    Audi has just launched its second-generation R8 but the old one still has plenty of life left in it, especially if you modify the heck out of it. Here’s a first-generation R8 V10 that’s been modified by America’s own AMS Performance. The car is strapped to a dyno and as...

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