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  • Zenvo ST1 on fire

    Danish supercar startup Zenvo has had a string of bad luck bringing its 1,104-horsepower ST1 to market. After a prototype version suffered a crash during a track day event back in 2010, a more advanced example famously caught fire while being tested by Jeremy Clarkson for an episode of Top Gear that aired in 2014. Now the supercharged and turbocharged ST1 has caught fire again. At a track event in the Danish capital Copenhagen this past weekend, the car suddenly burst into flames after which its driver promptly pulled over, jumped out and ran for his life. MUST WATCH: LaFerrari Demolishes...

  • Zenvo ST1
    Zenvo ST1 Supercar Gets New Transmission, Minor Updates For 2015 Geneva Motor Show

    Danish supercar startup Zenvo first burst onto the scene back in 2008 when it rolled out a pre-production prototype for its ST1 supercar. The firm didn’t really make headlines, however, until a ST1 being tested by Top Gear in 2014 suffered from some mechanical issues and ultimately went up in...

  • Zenvo ST1 catches fire on Top Gear
    Zenvo ST1 Proves Supercar Cred With Raging Fire On Top Gear: Video

    What makes a supercar a supercar? It’s a question asked by many, and answered in as many different ways. But one objective determination of a supercar is its propensity to catch fire for no good reason. By that metric, the Zenvo ST1 is a proper supercar. MUST SEE: 27-Year-Old That Crashed...

  • Zenvo ST1
    A close look at the 1,104-horsepower Zenvo ST1 supercar

    After hitting the auto show scene several years ago with a prototype of a brand new supercar called the ST1, Danish startup Zenvo finally presented the production version in late 2013 at the Dubai Motor Show. For those unfamiliar with Zenvo, the company is aiming to become the next great...

  • 2009 zenvo st1 supercar 027
    Danish firm Zenvo Automotive unveils 1,100-hp ST1 supercar

    The Danes are better known for their stunning architectural and cutting-edge product design, but now a Danish firm has turned its hand to the task of designing a supercar, and the result is the Zenvo ST1. As the first purely Danish supercar, the ST1 sets its aspirations high. Powered by a...

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