Hermann Brandt Hartwig (HBH), the deranged Danish minds that helped bring to life the spectacularly excessive Zenvo ST1, are on to their next project: a V-12 powered, mid-engined supercar based on the Aston Martin V12 Vantage. They released the first teaser picture this week, giving a good look at the profile of the car.

Much smoother than the sharp lines and shapes of the Zenvo, the teaser shows a poised, powerful body. As with most mid-engined supercars, the cabin has been pushed forward, but in more of a natural, unforced way than is the case with most, the long, flowing roof line melding seamlessly into a prominent rear lip spoiler.

Underneath that body, HBH has planted the Vantage's 6.0-liter V-12 engine onto a custom chassis. The engine will benefit from a one-off twin supercharger. Output and performance remain undisclosed, but you don't typically build a one-off supercharger for a one-off supercar without an eye toward brow-raising performance.

In a move that makes it seem like it's not quite sure what to do with the car, HBH will build a single model for a paying customer. Said customer shares design and production rights with HBH, so if the parties decide they want to build a few more examples--or if one party buys the other out--we could see more than one mid-engined Aston.

At the moment, HBH is still looking for the customer with just the right blend of means and tastes to commission the build. It hopes to get the car completed by next year, and if things go smoothly, this may be the first of several one-off supercar projects.


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