Back in 2009 an FBI agent by the name of Fred Kingston was attempting to relocate an allegedly stolen Ferrari F50 supercar to a warehouse in Lexington, Kentucky but managed to crash the rare exotic during his short drive. Claiming the car experienced a blown tire, Kingston ran it up a curb where we see it in this photo stuck in a small hedge running along the roadside.

The original owner of the car, a dealership in Rosemont, Pennsylvania, first reported it stolen back in 2003 and though it was finally recovered in 2009, the Ferrari F50, of which there were only 50 ever imported to the U.S., was being kept by the FBI as part of an ongoing investigation.

The dealership was paid some $750,000 for the wrecked Ferrari by its insurance company, Motor Insurance, which took over the title of the car. The insurance company is now suing the U.S. Justice Department for the damages but so far has had little such luck.

The Justice Department recently responded to the lawsuit by saying it’s not liable for certain goods when they’re in the hands of law enforcement, and to make matters worse is currently withholding documents relating to the crash.

The case will now go to court, with the hearing set to take place on Jun 13.

Stay tuned for an update.

[The Washington Post, image via WreckedExotics]


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