Ferrari F50

  • Ugur Sahin Design Project Fenix Ferrari F50 tribute

    We wonder if the Ferrari F50 would look anything like Ugur Sahin Design's Project Fenix, if launched today.

  • Ferrari F50 GT race car
    Uber-rare Ferrari F50 GT racer storms Yas Marina F1 circuit

    Only three Ferrari F50 GT race cars were built, and one of them recently took to Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit.

  • First production prototype 1995 Ferrari F50
    First production prototype 1995 Ferrari F50 set for Worldwide auction

    The first production Ferrari F50 and last Ferrari to receive a five-digit VIN is for sale.

  • Ferrari F50 at I.C.E event, Switzerland
    The I.C.E. event puts Ferrari F50s, Lamborghini Countachs and more on frozen lake

    These days, many supercar and classic car owners look at their vehicles as investments. That's the opposite case for the owners who brought their cars to the first I.C.E. event in Sankt Moritz, Switzerland, on March 2. I.C.E. stands for International Concours of Elegance in St. Moritz, and it's a...

  • 1995 Ferrari F50 prototype bearing chassis No. 99999
    Ferrari F50 prototype with an interesting history is up for grabs

    A Ferrari F50 that was the star of the 1995 Geneva auto show and driven by multiple Formula 1 legends can be yours. The car is currently listed for sale at Autosport Designs of Huntington Station, New York, which has detailed documentation on the car's provenance. The documents confirm the chassis...

  • Mike Tyson-owned Ferrari F50 for sale
    Ferrari F50 once owned by Mike Tyson up for sale

    You want to add a rare machine to your collection? There are plenty of low-run cars on the market right now so you have plenty from which to choose. Maybe you're also a boxing fan? If that's the case, have we found the car for you. This is a 1995 Ferrari F50, and it was purchased new by none other...

  • Ferrari F40 and 288 GTO

    Just seeing one of Ferrari's [NYSE:RACE] flagship cars, or Special Series as the automaker likes to call them, is a rare occasion that most car fans will cherish, but just imagine all five of them, from the 288 GTO of the 1980s right up to the latest LaFerrari, spotted together, and at a track. Well that’s exactly what we have in this latest video series from car nut and rising YouTube star Alejandro Salomon. WATCH: 2015 Lamborghini Huracán Video Road Test Yes, fresh from his Hyper 5 series, Salomon now has a new series dedicated to the Ferrari Special Series cars and we finally...

  • Ferrari F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari at Fiorano test track
    Four Ferrari Flagships Flat Out At Fiorano: Video

    Just seeing one of Ferrari's flagship cars, or “Special Series” as the automaker likes to call them, is a rare occasion that most car fans will cherish, but just imagine four examples, one each from the past four generations, spotted together—and at the track. Well that’s...

  • Ferrari F50 that crashed in the U.K. (Image via Western Morning News)
    Ferrari F50 Crashes In The U.K.

    The F50 may be one of the less popular special series Ferraris but seeing one on the side of the road in this condition is still a terrible sight to behold. The crash took place on Wednesday on a stretch of road near Brackley in the U.K. CHECK OUT: 2,000-HP Trion Nemesis To Enter Production In 2016...

  • Tax The Rich drifts a Ferrari F50.
    Watch A Ferrari F50 Drift In Slow Motion: Video

    Tax The Rich is back with another Ferrari F50 video.

  • Ferrari F40 and F50 on a track
    Ferrari F40 And F50 Driven Like They're Meant To Be: Video

    Two of the most sought-after supercars, the Ferrari F40 and its F50 successor, are put to the test on an empty Anglesey Circuit. The test was conducted by British journo Chris Harris for the latest episode of Drive, and it isn’t really about determining which is the better car but rather to...

  • Ferrari Enzo For Sale
    Own Three Ferrari Legends For $6 Million

    Owning a Ferrari is, we assume, both a wondrous and worrisome time in one's life. The car is a work of art that enjoys being driven near its limit. It's also a fickle beast that demands constant care, which costs big bucks. If you can afford a Ferrari, however, you're probably able to care for the...

  • Ferrari F50 plays in the dirt

    From the same group that brought us videos of a Rolls-Royce Phantom going off-road and a Ferrari Enzo being driven in rally conditions, comes a new one, this time featuring two Ferrari F50s throwing dirt and then playing a game of tug of war. Why? Because Tax The Rich. The group’s mission is to bring you footage of supercars being used in the most unlikely manner, so you can bet there will be more outlandish videos to come. As for their latest video, they’ve chosen two pristine-looking examples of one of Ferrari’s former flagship models, the F50. The F50 may not be the wall...

  • The infamous FBI-crashed Ferrari F50
    FBI-Crashed Ferrari F50 For Sale On Ebay

    In 2003, a Ferrari F50, one of just 50 imported into the United States, was stolen from a dealership in Rosemont, Pennsylvania. In 2009, long after the long after the insurance company had paid the dealership for the theft, the car was recovered in an unrelated FBI sting operation. The training...

  • Ferrari F50 crashed by FBI agent in 2009--Image via WreckedExotics
    U.S. Government Off The Hook For Crashed Ferrari F50

    A District Court Judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by by an insurance company seeking to recover the payout issued after an FBI agent crashed a Ferrari F50 in evidence.

  • Ferrari F50 crashed by FBI agent in 2009--Image via WreckedExotics
    U.S. Justice Department Refuses To Pay For Ferrari F50 Crashed By FBI Agent

    Back in 2009 an FBI agent by the name of Fred Kingston was attempting to relocate an allegedly stolen Ferrari F50 supercar to a warehouse in Lexington, Kentucky but managed to crash the rare exotic during his short drive. Claiming the car experienced a blown tire, Kingston ran it up a curb where we...

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