These days, many supercar and classic car owners look at their vehicles as investments. That's the opposite case for the owners who brought their cars to the first I.C.E. event in Sankt Moritz, Switzerland, on March 2.

I.C.E. stands for International Concours of Elegance in St. Moritz, and it's a proper acronym since the entire event takes place on a frozen lake. That's correct, these multi-million dollar cars paraded around on a frozen lake and in the snow. Garage queens? Hardly, I.C.E. is for the hardy supercar and vintage car owner.

The idea certainly didn't detract from the sheer number and quality of the cars that showed up for the first event. The video shows some of the cars present at the event. We see a wide variety of cars our minds can only believe belong in climate-controlled garages. In fact, they went for a romp in the snow. Some of the highlights include a Ferrari F50 (with straight pipes; it's loud), Lamborghini Countach, a flock of Pagani Huayras, a Ferrari F40, Lancia Stradale, Lancia Delta Group B rally race car, and a few classic Porsche 911s for good measure.

Even the latest concept from GFG Style, the design studio comprised of legendary designer and former Italdesign head Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio, made an appearance. The Kangaroo "super SUV" showed up and also did a little playing in the snow. After all, GFG Style said the Kangaroo is meant to provide sports car-like performance on any terrain.

According to the video description, this event was somewhat of a "test run" for future I.C.E. events. Judging by the reception, the future looks bright, albeit a tad chilly.