Takeshi Kimura is awesome.

Motor Authority readers have actually been introduced to him before. He's the man who was seen taking his F40 on a camping trip. Cars are meant to be driven, and it seems Kimura-san likes pushing this idea to the limit. He's back at the wheel of his wonderful machine, and this time he's taking the Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] to an even more hostile environment.

In a collaboration spot with Red Bull, Takeshi and his Ferrari have decided to venture out through the snow for a bit of camping. The route is rather unconventional, though, and it takes the Enzo-bred car to places no Ferrari has ever gone before, especially an exotic machine like the F40. Snow chains are applied. Permission is granted. Ski slopes are assaulted. It's excellent.

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There's another reason we love this video, and it's the work of director Luke Huxham (via Speedhunters). He seems to get more deeply in touch with his artistic side in every new video, and we're impressed every time he takes another step in that direction. Watch that cut that transitions from snow flying off the car to the scene with it's falling from the sky and you'll understand what we're on about here.

It's great when a number of folks get together to celebrate a machine in new and creative ways. The result is something like the video above, and now our world is just a flash brighter because this exists. Dramatic viewpoint? Sure, but you'd have to be made of stone if this didn't make you smile, right?


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