Owning a Ferrari is, we assume, both a wondrous and worrisome time in one's life. The car is a work of art that enjoys being driven near its limit.

It's also a fickle beast that demands constant care, which costs big bucks. If you can afford a Ferrari, however, you're probably able to care for the car in the manner it should be.

There's a difference though, between owning a Ferrari... and collecting them. If you are a person who does the latter, have we found the deal for you.

Ferrari of New England is offering up a trio of top-tier Ferrari supercars. There's the 2003 Enzo shown above, a 1995 Ferrari F50, and a 1990 F40. This is damn near the murder's row of Ferrari supremacy.

All of the cars are in amazing shape and, the most amazing part, have less than 800 miles on their odometers... combined. The F40 shows 202 miles, the F50 wears 230, and the Enzo has just 273 miles.

All three can be yours if you're willing to part with $6 million. In fact, if you're interested in any of the three you're going to also want the other two because this trio is being sold as a group. It's essentially a pre-made starter pack to turn anyone with a few extra (million) bucks into a collector of fine Ferrari machines. You're not starting with a 355, 360, and 430 here. You're getting vehicles that signify amazing timeline points in the company known for making beautifully exotic high-performance motoring icons.

Importantly, you'll own more than half of Ferrari's 'special series cars,' with the only missing examples being the 288 GTO and latest LaFerrari. We'll excuse you for not having a 250 GTO among your collection, considering the starting price for one of these is well into eight-figures territory.


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