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  • Michelle Higgins' totaled Chrysler Sebring.

    Let’s be honest with one another: the last time you called in sick to work, how sick were you, really? Are you tough enough to run down a moose in a Chrysler Sebring, suffering cuts, bruises and broken bones in the process, than make it to work on time? Because Newfoundland, Canada resident Michells Higgins is, and she’s our new hero. We’ve made it into the office with some pretty impressive ailments and injuries over the years, but none of them can hold a candle to the kind you get by Blue-Crossing a moose on the Trans-Canada Highway. Higgins, who suffered amnesia in the...

  • 2010 Corvette C6.R based on Corvette ZR1
    Video: Corvette Racing Dives Into The 12 Hours Of Sebring

    We may not have liked the flavor of Corvette's latest commercial touting its production-car superiority in relation to its American Le Mans Series racing rivals, but that's no reason to hold it against the excellent Corvette Racing team. This video takes inside their run at one of the greatest...

  • Risi Competizione Ferrari 458 Italia GT race car
    Houston’s Risi Competizione Unveils New Ferrari 458 Italia GT Race Car

    If you thought the aggressive lines of Ferrari’s own Italia 458 Challenge race car meant business, wait until you lay eyes on Houston-based Risi Competizione’s latest Ferrari 458 Italia GT racer. Designed to compete in the American Le Mans Series, the new race car pictured above is just...

  • Out Of Tune Chrysler Sebring Convertible, San Francisco
    This Ain't Your Car: Someone's Going to Pay For This Chrysler Sebring

    Have you ever wondered if you've over-modified your car, crossed some boundary of good taste? Thank goodness, this ain't your car. Yesterday the gang at SportsCarMonitor showed you a homemade Batpod spotted rolling the mean streets of, uh, Palo Alto. Today, also from the streets of San Francisco...

  • 2007 Chrysler Nassau Concept
    Report: Chrysler Revives Nassau Name For Sebring Replacement

    Back in 2007 Chrysler unveiled a stylish four-door coupe concept that it called the Nassau. The concept came packing a screaming 425 horsepower HEMI V-8, a rear-wheel drive layout, and plenty of high-tech amenities. Sadly, the concept car doesn’t have much chance of making production, at least...

  • 2008 Chrysler Sebring 2-door Convertible Limited FWD Angular Front Exterior View
    Chrysler Sebring To Undergo Major Upgrade, Receive New Name

    The deservedly-maligned Chrysler Sebring may go the way of the dodo--in name, at least.

  • Chrysler-branded Lancia Delta live at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show

    Chrysler’s lineup, both in North America and Europe, is in for a major shakeup over the next couple of years now that the expanding Fiat Group and its demanding CEO Sergio Marchionne are pulling all the strings. We’ve already seen hints of some of the plans with the unveiling of the Chrysler-badged Lancia Delta hatchback at last month’s 2010 Detroit Auto Show and Marchionne pretty much gave it all away when he revealed that the Chrysler and Lancia divisions could be merged within the year. Now, as the 2010 Geneva Motor Show approaches, Chrysler and Lancia have announced they will hold a...

  •'s 2010 predictions
    2010 Celebrity Car Predictions: Yep, We're Totally Psychic

    Is it just us, or did 2009 completely suck? The economy tanked, automakers went bankrupt, celebrities died left and right (and not even the good ones). Ugh, midnight cannot come fast enough. Since early this morning, our crack team of auto journalists/clairvoyants has been drinking tea -- mostly...

  • Lancia Delta
    Chrysler Planning Lancia-Based Unveiling For Detroit Auto Show?

    The latest reports are unconfirmed, but the theory at least is sound.

  • 2011 Chrysler 300 test mule spy shots
    Chrysler Brand Product Plan Wrap-Up

    The next three years will be key to Chrysler's future.

  • Tom Cruise on the set of WICHITA
    Tom Cruise Crushes Mercury Grand Marquis

    Yes, this is another photo from the set of Tom Cruise's new movie, Wichita. Ordinarily, we wouldn't post such things so close together, but this shot is  remarkable for a couple of reasons: 1. That's Tom Cruise in the air, not some stuntdude. Which leads us to believe that the "sex diet" Katie...

  • 2009 Chrysler 200C concept car
    Chrysler looking to replace Sebring and Avenger with new RWD sedan

    Chrysler’s viability plan presented to the U.S. Treasury back in February turned out to be a goldmine for information about the company’s future plans. Not only were there details about the next-generation Chrysler 300 and 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the documents also outlined...

  • Chrysler Sebring

    As Chrysler pushes forward during its bankruptcy period and prepares for its new face and alliance with Fiat, many are wondering what will come along for the ride and what will be left behind. News today from within Chrysler reveals that the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger, as oft-maligned as they are, will be sticking around. Neither of the two sedans are going to win any beauty pageants, and sales have absolutely plummeted, charting just under 7,000 units so far this year - down 80% from 2008's figures. But in an interview with Edmunds, Chrysler spokesman Rick Deneau said, "We definitely...

  • audi r15 lmp race car 002
    Photo update: up close and personal with Audi's R15 TDI Le Mans racer

    Diesel is fast - scary fast - as Audi's R10 TDI proved when it swept through the world of Le Mans and endurance racing by storm. Since then rule changes have dampened the flame somewhat, but it's still a competitive and formidable platform. This season, it's getting a full-scale upgrade with the...

  • Audi R15 TDI race car
    Audi R15 TDI to contend three ALMS events this year

    Diesel is fast - scary fast - as Audi's R10 TDI proved when it swept through the world of Le Mans and endurance racing by storm in previous years. Since then rule changes have dampened the flame somewhat, but it's still a competitive and formidable platform. This season, it's getting a full-scale...

  • 2009 chrysler avenger sebring 300 updates 004
    Chrysler adds features, efficiency to Sebring, 300 and Dodge Avenger

    Stronger fuel efficiency, better value and more features are the focus of the 2009 model year updates for Chrysler's Sebring, 300 and Dodge Avenger. Other touches include updated exterior design and upgraded interior materials. Fuel consumption is improved by offering smaller engines, such as the...

  • 2009 Dodge Avenger sedan
    Chrysler plans to drop AWD option on 2009 Sebring, Avenger and Caliber

    Chrysler will drop its all-wheel-drive option for the 2009 Dodge Avenger, Caliber and Chrysler Sebring because of low demand. The information was confirmed by company spokesman Jiyan Cadiz, who said the option never really caught on since its introduction for those particular models late last year...

  • 2009 Dodge Avenger
    Chrysler cancels Getrag dual-clutch contract

    Just as Chrysler was preparing to begin bringing a dual-clutch transmission to its North American fleet, a dispute with Getrag has sent plans for yearly production of up to 700,000 of the units up in smoke. Earlier this month Chrysler brought a lawsuit against Getrag, and now the German gearbox...

  • Update: Chrysler could release new vehicles and platforms as early as next year

    Update: Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli has put to rest fears the carmaker’s new midsize global platform - internally known as ‘Project D’ – is taking up too many resources and could be delayed by announcing that several unexpected vehicles and platforms could be unveiled by as early as next year. Nardelli is well aware of the need to quickly adapt to changing market conditions in the U.S. and demand for smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Speaking with The Detroit News, Nardelli explained that Chrysler would “continue to reprioritize its capital" and make...

  • Chrysler could cut top-end Avenger and Sebring
    Chrysler could cut top-end Avenger and Sebring

    Cutting models while adding value to existing mid-range trims could be the new tactic at Chrysler as it fights to regain sales and stability in the turbulent market. The changes are wrapped up in a plan called "Fight Back" that the carmaker is rolling out to parts suppliers this week, and things...

  • Chrysler to build Hornet compact car
    Chrysler to build Hornet compact car

    Rising fuel prices, which have led to flagging sales of SUVs and pickups, has forced the Detroit 3 to cut production and layoff thousands of workers. At the same time, Japanese carmakers, who lead the industry in the compact car segment, have been benefiting from record sales as consumers downshift...

  • More details about Chrysler's future midsize platform
    More details about Chrysler's future midsize platform

    Chrysler is developing a new range of vehicles for one of the most competitive automotive segments in the world, the midsize D-segment, currently dominated by the likes of the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Its current offerings, the Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring, are outsold by its Japanese...

  • Chryslers exec reveals strategy for future model lineup
    Chryslers exec reveals strategy for future model lineup

    Chrysler has announced it will undertake major changes to its product lineup in order to compete on the world stage. The strategy outlined by its executive VP for product development, Frank Klegon, reveals a car company struggling to adapt to a changing world market but with potential to change its...

  • Update: Chrysler dual-clutch tech arriving this spring
    Update: Chrysler dual-clutch tech arriving this spring

    Update: Chrysler has just announced its dual-clutch transmission - developed in partnership with Getrag – will make its debut by the middle of the year in international markets. The advanced gearbox will be available on the 2009 Dodge Journey, Avenger and Chrysler Sebring models and is...

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