The Chrysler plan has been spilling across the web all day long now, but as it winds down into its death throes (the plan, not the company) we have the latest on how they plan to rev things back up to redline, in terms of sales, brand awareness and product interest.

The key element, as always, will be producing stellar product. To that end, Chrysler will be tapping Fiat's product line heavily. The exterior of the cars will still strongly reflect Chrysler heritage and design, but the interiors and their underpinnings will be much more Fiat in origin.

The first major plans include a complete reshaping of the Avenger--just short of an all-new model--for the fourth quarter of 2010. An all-new Sebring will follow in 2013. Also coming in the fourth quarter of 2010 will be the updated 2011 Chrysler Town & Country minivan.

For 2012, a new compact sedan, sourced from Fiat and intended to fill the C-segment slot vacated by the PT Cruiser, which ends its long run in 2010.

2013 sees the addition of a B-segment small car imported from Europe and built by Fiat Group operations, designed to target the premium small-car segment. That same year, a midsize crossover will join the ranks, also sourced from a Fiat platform but built in the U.S.

In the nearer term, a number of special-edition cars, including 300 Sport Edition sedan, a Town & Country Fashion Edition, a PT Cruiser Final Edition,  and a Sebring Ocean Edition. These cars will add a near-term sheen to the brand as the new leadership ramps up the deeper, more meaningful changes.

Sometime during 2010, we'll also see the launch of the new 2011 Chrysler 300 sedan. For more on that car, read up on our coverage here.