Tom Cruise on the set of WICHITA

Tom Cruise on the set of WICHITA

Yes, this is another photo from the set of Tom Cruise's new movie, Wichita. Ordinarily, we wouldn't post such things so close together, but this shot is  remarkable for a couple of reasons:

1. That's Tom Cruise in the air, not some stuntdude. Which leads us to believe that the "sex diet" Katie Holmes put him on is paying off. (You can make your own conclusions and jokes. We're not angling for a libel suit. Again.)

2. That appears to be Tom Cruise's real hair. Wigs don't move like that. You'll have to trust us.

3. The other day, we saw Tom hanging from the roof of a Chrysler Town & Country. Here, he's jumping from what looks to be a Chrysler Sebring convertible onto the roof of a Mercury Grand Marquis. That means:

a. Chrysler didn't get exclusive placement in this movie after all.

b. The production designer has exceptionally iffy taste in vehicles.

c. Tom Cruise really hates cars.

d. Or all of the above.