Chrysler will use the 2023 CES starting Jan. 5 in Las Vegas to provide a taste of new in-vehicle technology it may introduce in its future electric lineup.

The automaker will present the Synthesis, a cabin concept that integrates AI-backed software systems sourced from parent company Stellantis, together with sustainable materials.

The software systems were first announced in late 2021 and include STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit, and STLA AutoDrive. Chrysler will be the first North American brand in the Stellantis fold to offer the systems. They are expected to be offered in Chrysler's first EV due in 2025. Chrysler showed the Airflow concept at 2022 CES as a taste of what its EVs might be like.

The STLA Brain is the back end, essentially the hardware and software components, that supports elements occupants will experience, in this case the STLA SmartCockpit interface and STLA AutoDrive self-driving features.

Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit concept

Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit concept

In the Synthesis, the STLA SmartCockpit includes 37.2 inches of screen space for infotainment. There's also AI that “learns” the owner's preferences over time, which helps make the user experience more intuitive. A virtual personal assistant is also present and can sync the owner's home, work, and personal digital devices to deliver maximum connectivity.

The STLA AutoDrive in the Synthesis is claimed to offer Level 3 self-driving capability, meaning hands-off, eyes-off operation in certain conditions, though the Synthesis is only a cabin concept and thus unable to actually move.

Finally, the concept is also fitted with sustainable materials that Chrysler may feature in future products. Examples include recycled plastics and organic-based tanning solutions, and Chrysler also notes that zero chrome is used.

Chrysler describes the Synthesis as a demonstrator, and that's because the concept is able to simulate the experience of the cabin of an actual vehicle. It can, for example, provide a start-up welcome sequence and map out a trip for the day. It can demonstrate how the self-driving features will operate, including locating free parking spaces and charging ports. The proposed cabin also provides something called the Synthesis Music Experience, which can enable an occupant to create their own music, as well as meditation, karaoke, and DJ game experiences.