As Chrysler pushes forward during its bankruptcy period and prepares for its new face and alliance with Fiat, many are wondering what will come along for the ride and what will be left behind. News today from within Chrysler reveals that the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger, as oft-maligned as they are, will be sticking around.

Neither of the two sedans are going to win any beauty pageants, and sales have absolutely plummeted, charting just under 7,000 units so far this year - down 80% from 2008's figures. But in an interview with Edmunds, Chrysler spokesman Rick Deneau said, "We definitely have plans for these vehicles beyond December 2010. That's about all I can tell you, but it's pretty definitive."

The 2010 deadline was thrown out there because that is the date of the expected closure of Chrysler's Sterling Heights plant, where the two cars are made.

Instead, it appears the Avenger and Sebring could be made elsewhere, leveraging Chrysler's flexibility in plant configuration. The Belvidere plant was given as an example, but it's not the confirmed location for the post-2010 production of either car.

In the end, however, despite Chrysler's plans for the cars extending beyond 2010, if the market continues to reject them as they have so far this year, those plans may change - especially once Fiat enters the picture.