Let’s be honest with one another: the last time you called in sick to work, how sick were you, really? Are you tough enough to run down a moose in a Chrysler Sebring, suffering cuts, bruises and broken bones in the process, than make it to work on time?

Because Newfoundland, Canada resident Michells Higgins is, and she’s our new hero. We’ve made it into the office with some pretty impressive ailments and injuries over the years, but none of them can hold a candle to the kind you get by Blue-Crossing a moose on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Higgins, who suffered amnesia in the crash, wasn’t even aware of her injuries until a coworker inquired about her health. With two black eyes and a hoof print on her forehead, her colleague’s concern was justified. Ultimately, Higgins was found to have broken bones in her neck, too, but is expected to recover.

As Autoblog and CNN explain, Higgins drove some 25 miles after the accident, sans roof and windshield, to make her job. While a few passing motorists noticed that something was amiss, no one bothered to call the police.

Sadly, the moose didn’t fare as well, and was later found dead at the scene of the accident. As for Higgins, she still doesn’t remember a thing about the accident; seeing as it ultimately involved a windshield full of moose, that’s probably a good thing.