Lancia Delta

Lancia Delta

The world has been waiting and watching closely to see what form the products of the Fiat-Chrysler union will take, and it looks like we might get our first taste of the Italo-American duo's deeds in Detroit in just a few weeks with a Chrysler-derived Lancia at the 2010 NAIAS show.

The reports of the car's arrival in Detroit are still unconfirmed, but the need to leverage Fiat-brand products to Chrysler's advantage, particularly in the areas where it's weakest--small and midsize cars--is fundamental. So the theory behind the projected unveiling is sound, at least.

So what car might be at the root of all this inter-brand activity? The Lancia Delta is a fair guess. Positioned to slot in about where the Chrysler Sebring sits now in terms of size, the Delta would offer better aesthetics and a more premium feel in keeping with Chrysler's intended direction.

Chrysler getting a car from Lancia makes sense from a turnabout perspective as well: a revised version of the 300 is expected to make the trip to Europe as a Lancia.

Of course, this is all speculative at this point. We'll have to wait until the 2010 Detroit Auto Show to find out for sure--and Motor Authority will have a whole crew of journalists on the floor, bringing the latest photos, news and behind-the-scenes details as they break, so stay tuned.

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