Tila Tequila with her Lamborghini Gallardo

Tila Tequila with her Lamborghini Gallardo

There are three things we know for sure:

1. Life sucks.

2. That dude from Jet Blue completely staged his exit (which is not to say it wasn't awesome, though it pales in comparison to Wendy O. Williams' jump from a moving bus).

3. Tila Tequila is the love child of Anna Nicole Smith and Imelda Marcos, meaning that (a) she's CRAZY, and (b) Imelda is a man.

We won't bother to provide proof of items #1 or #2,  but for #3, please behold this clip of Tila Tequila showing off her Lamborghini Gallardo -- with shoes to match:

We can't wait to see the porn film that (allegedly) helped finance Tila's purchase.

Or, actually, yes we can. We totally can.

[YouTube with a little help from CelebrityCarz]