• Bugatti Veyron owner hits 250 mph on the Autobahn

    A new set of proposals could drastically alter laws on Germany's famed Autobahns and make no speed limits a thing of the past. Reuters reported Friday that the government is set to pore over a series of draft proposals from the National Platform on the Future of Mobility to tackle climate change and reduce the country's greenhouse gas emissions. In the process, the new regulations could put speed limits on its famed "no limits" areas on the Autobahn. The speed limits would be part of a plan to curb transport emissions, which according to the report, have not fallen since 1990. Specifically...

  • 2014 Audi RS 5 DTM race car
    2014 Audi RS 5 DTM Race Car Revealed

    The 2014 Audi RS 5 DTM will try to defend the company's championship title.

  • Tuned Mitsubishi Colt with 963 hp.
    This 963-HP, 196-MPH Mitsubishi Colt Is Totally Bonkers: Video

    See a Mitsubishi Colt do 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds.

  • Owning a tank infographic
    The Ins And Outs Of Owning A Tank In One Infographic

    Why waste your money on a car with wheels when you can have tracks?

  • 2011 Volkswagen Golf R
    Volkswagen Wants To Give You An Unforgettable Trip To Germany

    Are you a fan of Volkswagen? Would you and a companion like to spend a week in Germany, on Volkswagen’s tab, touring its Wolfsburg plant and taking in the sights of Berlin? Would it sweeten the deal if VW threw in two days of performance driving instruction on the Nürburgring and $750 in...

  • 1937 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Roadster
    German Police Seize Vintage Mercedes From Classic Car Show

    We can't imagine quite what it's like to have almost $3.8 million of vintage 1937 Mercedes-Benz seized by foreign police, but Dutch car collector Frans van Haren can--because that's exactly what happened to him. After buying the 1937 Mercedes 500 K Roadster at RM Auctions for $3.767 million, Frans...

  • A screen grab from Invictus' Race of Champions game.

    As naming norms for sports events go, Race Of Champions is fairly self-explanatory. Take top drivers from the highest reaches of motorsport including Formula 1, NASCAR, the WRC and more, and pit them against each other in front of a stadium audience. The trouble with all this is that it's very much a spectator sport and getting involved means having to beat the best in your chosen discipline. This could take years of practice and millions of dollars, and we have neither. Unless you have a mobile device, of course. Autoblog (via Motor Authority) brings news of a new Race of Champions game...

  • BMW ActiveE electric car production line, Leipzig, Germany
    Blowin' In The Wind: Turbines To Power BMW Leipzig Factory

    However green cars are able to get, the process of building thousands of them every year still isn't particularly environmentally friendly. The manufacturers are doing all they can to improve this. GM's Detroit-Hamtramck factory that produces the Chevrolet Volt is equipped with several solar panel...

  • Forza Motorsport 4
    Video: Creating Hockenheim For The Forza Motorsport 4 Game

    The 1980s was an exciting time to be a young person. The reason? Video games. From coin-operated arcade games to the advent of home games consoles a whole generation had a new form of entertainment and for the budding gearheads, the best fun was provided by racing games. Just as car technology has...

  • Sony PlayStation sponsored Audi R8 LMS race car
    Audi R8 LMS Racing Simulator Races In To Gamescom 2011

    If you think the racing sim setup you have in your living room is impressive, think again. Audi's racing simulator on show at videogame show Gamescom 2011 in Cologne, Germany makes a mockery of your steering wheel and pedals combo. That's because Audi has created an entire R8 LMS GT3 race car...

  • Vulkan Racing owner Manfred Sattler and his 2012 Lexus LFA
    Dodge Viper Race Team Owner Buys First Lexus LFA In Germany

    Manfred Sattler, the owner of the Dodge Viper racing team Vulkan Racing-Mintgen Motorsport, bought the first 2012 Lexus LFA in Germany.

  • AMG lounge in Affalterbach, Germany
    AMG Opens Exclusive Customer Lounge At German Headquarters

    The new AMG lounge will enable customers to offer feedback and suggestions for new models directly to AMG instead of through their dealers.

  • Mercedes-Benz wind tunnel climate testing

    One minute it's freezing cold, the next you're battling with a hurricane, and then finally the sun comes out for tropical temperatures. No, it's not some futuristic vision of a world in the grips of rapid climate change, it's actually the conditions available in the new wind tunnels used by Mercedes-Benz at its Sindelfingen Technology Center in Stuttgart, Germany. Carmakers have for many years send development vehicles all around the world in order to ensure they operate under the most extreme conditions. From the freezing temperatures of the Arctic Circle to the baking heat of Death Valley...

  • Google Maps with traffic data for Munich and Madrid
    Planning A European Road Trip? Google Maps Has Traffic Info

    For many of us, the thought of motoring through the backroads and byways of Europe sounds like a dream vacation, but such trips come with their share of challenges -- namely, unfamiliar roads, signs in foreign languages, and, like anywhere, rush hour traffic. (Hey, someone's gotta keep punching the...

  • 2011 Ford Fiesta interior
    Toxic Tests Ensure Your Car Can't Give You Cancer, Allergies

    Safety isn't a glamorous subject but it's nice to know that when you put yourself and your family into a car you'll all be safe. Not just on the road, but sitting there and breathing normally, too. That's why manufacturers such as Ford are making the effort to put their cars through the rigorous...

  • 2009 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Sang Bleu
    Thief That Stole Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Gets $522,000 Tax Bill

    About a month ago, three men from Poland managed to steal a trio of exotic cars, a BMW 7-Series, a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and a one-off Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Sang Bleu--yes, the special edition model built to celebrate Bugatti’s centenary back in 2009. The brazen--or should we say...

  • Sabine Schmitz
    BMW M5 And Sabine Schmitz Retired From Ring-Taxi Duty

    One of the Nurburgring Nordschleife’s living legends, ‘Ring Queen Sabine Schmitz, will no longer be offering enthusiasts the chance to ride shotgun with her in a BMW M5 around the famous German circuit as she, along with the current BMW M5 ‘Ring Taxi’, are retiring from...

  • Eminem in Chrysler's Super Bowl XLV ad
    Eminem Sues Audi For Using ‘Lose Yourself’ Track In A6 Avant Commercial

    Remember our post last week about Audi’s new advertisement for the 2012 A6 Avant featuring a music score very similar to the one in Eminem’s top-selling track ‘Lose Yourself’? Yes, the same track famously used, with permission from the rap star, in Chrysler’s original...

  • Rotary Supers Cars Predator GT preview

    Remember the awesome four-rotor Mazda 787B race car that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans 20 years ago and is now set to run the famous French circuit during a demonstration ahead of this weekend’s 24 hour race? Well, it turns out that the 787B’s appearance this weekend won't be the last time we get to see a rotary powered car with a four-rotor Wankel engine. A company based in Germany by the name of Rotary Supers Cars (RSC) is working on just such a car and has now released this new rendering of it. Late last year RSC released an initial preview of the car, which was then called the...

  • 2011 Porsche Cayenne S
    Porsche Cajun To Borrow Hot Audi Diesel Engine: Report

    Though Porsche’s Cajun SUV based on the Audi Q5 isn’t scheduled to debut until sometime in 2014, we already know several details about the upcoming sporty soft-roader, including for the first time some potential powertrain specs. According to a new report, the Porsche Cajun will feature...

  • Ferrari 599 GTO in Cologne, Germany
    Ferrari 599 GTO Hits Pole While Reversing: Video

    Driving an exotic supercar like the Ferrari 599 GTO on public streets can often be difficult, thanks mostly to low ride heights, poor visibility and a throttle pedal that feels like you’re about to launch a scud missile with just inches of movement of your right foot. It also doesn’t...

  • Volkswagen starts car sharing project “Quicar – Share a Volkswagen” in Hanover
    Three's A Trend: Volkswagen Enters The Ride-Sharing Game

    Today, roughly 50% of the world's population lives in urban environments, and by 2030, the figure is expected to hit 60%. This presents an interesting challenge for automakers: given the hassle of car ownership in cities -- not to mention subways, buses, and other transportation methods available...

  • Gazoo Racing Lexus CT 200h race car
    Lexus CT 200h Makes Race Debut At The Nurburgring

    Lexus is out to prove the performance credentials of its latest CT 200h by entering the upmarket hybrid hatchback in the competitive VLN race series that runs on the notorious Nurburgring circuit. The CT 200h race car is being fielded by Toyota’s racing partner Gazoo Racing and actually made...

  • Audi e-tron Neckarsulm Development Center
    Inside Look At Audi R8 e-tron Development Center

    Late last year we first told you about a new development and testing center established by Audi exclusively for its electric drive systems near its headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. Now we have an inside look at another electric car development center belonging to Audi, this time at a satellite...

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