As naming norms for sports events go, Race Of Champions is fairly self-explanatory. Take top drivers from the highest reaches of motorsport including Formula 1, NASCAR, the WRC and more, and pit them against each other in front of a stadium audience.

The trouble with all this is that it's very much a spectator sport and getting involved means having to beat the best in your chosen discipline. This could take years of practice and millions of dollars, and we have neither.

Unless you have a mobile device, of course. Autoblog (via Motor Authority) brings news of a new Race of Champions game available for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. Developed by Invictus, it's set for release in app stores later this month.

You'll be able to race in cars and tracks from various years of the competition which should include off-road buggies, track specials like the KTM X-Bow and more. Famous names you'll race against include multiple World Rally Champion Sebastian Loeb and multiple Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher - so you'd better brush up on your skills.

The game has been developed with input from pro drivers, including Michele Mouton, a big name from 1980s world rallying and one of the Race of Champions co-founders. Invictus promises it'll be among the most advanced racing games ever for a mobile device.

This year's real Race of Champions is taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany on December 3 and 4.