• Android Auto split-screen view

    Google's Android Auto now gets a split-screen view, support for different screen sizes and layouts, and the ability to stream content from a phone to a car's screen.

  • GM Google Assistant UI
    GM to integrate Google Assistant into next-gen infotainment system

    General Motors said they'll integrate more Google features into their cars soon.

  • Google's Android-based infotainment in the Polestar 2
    Google opens its Android infotainment operating system to third-party apps

    Starting with the Polestar 2, developers will be able to put their apps in cars.

  • Volvo to embed Google in future infotainment system
    Volvo's Android-powered infotainment system will debut in Polestar 2

    Earlier this year, Volvo announced its next-generation infotainment system will bake in Google and use the Android operating system. Now we know where we'll see the system first. Volvo research and development boss Henrik Green said in an interview at the 2018 LA Auto Show that the Polestar 2 would...

  • 2019 Nissan Armada
    Nissan, Mitsubishi next-gen infotainment to be powered by Google's Android

    Google's Android operating system will be at the core of next-generation infotainment systems from Mitsubishi and Nissan arriving on the market in 2021. The Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance announced Tuesday that future infotainment systems will feature the Android operating system to outfit its...

  • 2015 Hyundai Sonata equipped with Google’s Android Auto
    Hyundai First With Google’s Android Auto In-Car Smartphone Integration

    The 2015 Hyundai Sonata has become the first vehicle to offer Google’s new Android Auto in-car smartphone integration system, allowing users to seamlessly link an Android smartphone to the car so that they can use the device safely behind the wheel with the car’s own screen and...

  • 2015 Audi A3

    If there's one thing that spoils the experience of buying a decade-old luxury vehicle at a fraction of its original price, it's the hilariously outdated infotainment and navigation systems they were lumbered with. Infotainment technology has come along so quickly in recent years that OEM systems soon fall way behind. To fix this situation many are turning toward dedicated technology firms like Microsoft, Apple and Google--and Audi is likely to announce a partnership with the latter at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. According to The Wall Street Journal, Audi is likely...

  • Douche parking
    Offensively Named New Parking App Thinks Globally, Exposes Locally

    Inconsiderate parking? There’s always been a certain kind of driver for that. Now there’s an app to out the offender. Android users can download Douche Parking, a new app which enables you to capture shots of poor parking form and post them online. Hold the phone, people already do that...

  • Daimler buys 15 percent of MyTaxi
    Daimler Buys 15 Percent Of MyTaxi, Partner For Car2Go

    German carmaker Daimler, which owns the Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands, clearly isn't putting all its eggs in the personal transport basket. Not only did the company start up the well-known Car2Go carsharing service, but Daimler has now bought a 15 percent stake in MyTaxi, an application that...

  • NPR News App with Ford Sync AppLink  -  2012 CES
    CES 2012: NPR News App Making Debut In Ford Vehicles

    At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Ford and NPR are announcing what Ford says is the first dedicated news app for Sync AppLink. Likewise, NPR is the first major news organization to release its own in-car streaming app.

  • 2013 Ford Fusion augmented reality app
    Test Drive The 2013 Ford Fusion With Augmented Reality App

    If you're the kind of person who has too little time to test drive cars for real before you buy them, then Ford's new augmented reality app for the 2013 Ford Fusion could be just the thing you need. Of course, it won't let you actually test drive the car, that'd be silly (though we aren't ruling it...

  • Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition
    Car Crime Classic GTA III To Hit Apple iOS, Android December 15

    When Rockstar games released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 last month, we accepted that when it finally hits the shelves some time next year, it might be difficult to tear ourselves away and do some work. With the new announcement (via Gamespot) that Grand Theft Auto 3 will be coming to...

  • Navigon 2.0 update for iOS

    Millions of Americans are planning road trips this holiday week, and many of them will use navigation software to get them where they need to go -- whether that's over the river and through the woods or to the outlet mall. The Navigon MobileNavigator smartphone app recently made things simpler for some of those folks with an update that allows users to download only the maps they need. It's part of Navigon's recent 2.0 update for iOS, and if you're a fan of the app, this will be welcome news. Once upon a time, Navigon (recently purchased by Garmin) required users to download huge country...

  • Speederaser Android app offers advanced crusie control
    Would You Trust Cruise Control Using An Android App?

    After a hard day at the office, sometimes you just want to jump into your car, switch everything to automatic and waft home using as little effort as possible. Cruise control is a godsend in these scenarios, taking some of the stress out of highway driving. We aren't sure it'd be quite so stress...

  • 75 mph speed limit sign. Photo via Flickr user CountyLemonade/CC2.0
    An Android App For... Cruise Control?

    App writer Cellurl has created an app that interfaces with your car to act as a cruise control, and we're not sure that's an entirely good idea.

  • TeleNav GPS Navigator
    TeleNav Launches Navigator 7.1 For Android: Next-Gen Nav

    A stress-free journey is a happy journey, and the invention of satellite navigation was the biggest boost for in-car happiness since the bench seat... if you catch our drift. GPS Navigator 7.1 for Android is the latest navigation system, described as next-gen navigation to make drivers' lives...

  • A screen grab from Invictus' Race of Champions game.
    Race Of Champions Game Screeches Onto iPhone, iPad, Android

    As naming norms for sports events go, Race Of Champions is fairly self-explanatory. Take top drivers from the highest reaches of motorsport including Formula 1, NASCAR, the WRC and more, and pit them against each other in front of a stadium audience. The trouble with all this is that it's very much...

  • BMW "The Ultimate Drive" app
    BMW: The Ultimate Driving... App "Social, Mobile Experience"

    Some carmakers would have you believe that it's no longer enough to simply drive around in their product, that driving is now a connected experience and one to share with a wider audience than just your passengers. To this end, BMW's new mobile app, "The Ultimate Drive" lets you discover the best...

  • Nissan Carwings App for Android OS

    2011 Nissan Leaf owners are right on the cutting edge of car technology, but so far only Apple iPhone users have been able to enjoy the full experience of controlling the car's climate control and charging timer functions from a mobile device. No longer. Android smartphone users are now privy to the party with the new Nissan Leaf app for Android OS devices. Like the clever iPhone app the Android version is free to download and through a subtly redesigned interface users can control their Leaf's state of charge, view estimated range and pre-heat or cool the cabin using Nissan's Carwings...

  • Citroën DS4 giveaway
    Citroën Sponsors Nationwide Game Of Hide-And-Seek For The DS4

    U.K. readers: how'd you like a brand new car? Well as it turns out, Citroën is running a nationwide game of hide-and-seek, and if you play your cards right, you could drive off in a Citroën DS4. To participate, all you need is a computer, Android, or iPhone and a heaping helping of...

  • 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. Photo by Joe Nuxoll
    2012 Chevrolet Sonic: Spotify Invites For Info Requests

    As a replacement for the dull and unfashionable Chevrolet Aveo, GM is hoping the funky 2011 Chevrolet Sonic will appeal to a more savvy car buyer, and tempt people away from their Ford Fiestas and Honda Fits. One way of doing this is giving free invitations to the Spotify digital music service to...

  • Google Maps with traffic data for Munich and Madrid
    Planning A European Road Trip? Google Maps Has Traffic Info

    For many of us, the thought of motoring through the backroads and byways of Europe sounds like a dream vacation, but such trips come with their share of challenges -- namely, unfamiliar roads, signs in foreign languages, and, like anywhere, rush hour traffic. (Hey, someone's gotta keep punching the...

  • GMC Showroom Mobile App for iPhone
    GMC Brings Its Showroom To The Smartphone

    According to Nielsen, Americans are finally shifting to smartphones: 38% of mobile users already have one, and the majority of those shopping for new handsets are planning to purchase one in the near future. General Motors is hoping to cash in on that development with its new GMC Showroom App. Like...

  • Google Maps' Live Transit Update
    Car In The Shop? Google Maps Tells You How Late The Bus Is: Video

    The only thing more annoying than putting your car in the shop is waiting to catch the bus the next day. It's such a common frustration, it made up Everywoman Sandra Bullock's entire backstory in Speed. The worst part is that while some transit systems offer updates to commuters, indicating when...

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