A stress-free journey is a happy journey, and the invention of satellite navigation was the biggest boost for in-car happiness since the bench seat... if you catch our drift.

GPS Navigator 7.1 for Android is the latest navigation system, described as next-gen navigation to make drivers' lives easier, less stressful, more productive and more fun.

Big claims, but Navigator 7.1 goes beyond simple turn-by-turn directions to help users discover more of what's around them, using a central "Dashboard" interface.

Customizable "home" and "work" buttons on the home page show current drive times using real-time traffic updates. The map now works more smoothly and a satellite view is also available, such as you find on Google Maps. A "Multi-Routes" option chooses up to three suitable routes to your destination so you can pick the one you'll find most interesting or simply the route with the least traffic.

Stress is further reduced with "Cockpit View" and "Junction View", which show road and street names and informs drivers as to which lane they should be in respectively.

In addition, there are options for reviewing places you visit, a gas price search, voice control, weather forecasting and voice guidance.

The lane assist, red light camera and speed trap notifications cost an additional $4.99 per month and a selection of special car icons for the display cost $0.99 each.

If you're not an Android user, fear not - Navigator 7.1 is expected on other platforms soon.

Still stressed? You could always use the app to find a nice, relaxing spa...