Garmin portable navigation kit now offered on all Volvos

Non-Satellite GPS Could Soon Be A Thing

The "quantum compass" sounds like something Dr Who might use, or a 1990s special edition car name. In actuality, it's the name of a new device under development with the British military to allow GPS-style navigation in submarines without the use of satellites. The big news here is that GPS itself... read more

May 20, 2014 by
Apple iPhone 5 and iOS6 Maps updates

iPhone 5 & iOS 6 For Drivers: Real-Time Traffic, Navigation, Yelp

Unless you've been living under a digital mountain of rocks, you've heard the new iPhone 5 was announced today. Maybe you even watched a liveblog of the updates. But here, we... read more September 12, 2012 by

Apple Maps app - image courtesy of Apple

Apple Maps Rewrites The Book On In-Car Navigation, We Think

With the launch of a single app (and a new mobile device operation system), Apple has apparently managed to make portable and in-car navigation systems all but obsolete... read more June 13, 2012 by

Iter Avto navigation system from 1930 - Image courtesy London Media

Navigation Systems Not That New: Here's One From 1930

Being a teenage gearhead geek in the 1980s was bittersweet. Since the Trapper Keeper’s calendar was never full of dates with cheerleaders (or honestly, many girls of... read more June 4, 2012 by

2011 Volvo XC90 FWD 4-door I6 Steering Wheel

Will Vibrating Steering Wheels Make For Safer Roads?

Of the five senses that the human body is equipped with, sight and sound are the primary ones used behind the wheel of a car. You could argue that touch comes into play as... read more March 22, 2012 by

Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street are the new voice of TomTom

Sesame Street's Bert And Ernie Available On TomTom GPS

If they can't tell you how to get to Sesame Street, no one can. For years we've heard the show's theme, now Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie can be downloaded on TomTom GPS... read more November 14, 2011 by

TomTom GO LIVE Top Gear edition cancelled

TomTom Pulls The Plug On Clarkson-Voiced Top Gear GO Live Models

Earlier this week we told you that TomTom would be launching a TopGear themed GO Live navigation system, complete with voice guidance from none other than Jeremy Clarkson... read more October 14, 2011 by

TeleNav GPS Navigator

TeleNav Launches Navigator 7.1 For Android: Next-Gen Nav

A stress-free journey is a happy journey, and the invention of satellite navigation was the biggest boost for in-car happiness since the bench seat... if you catch our drift... read more October 11, 2011 by

TomTom GO LIVE Top Gear edition

Can't Get Enough Top Gear? TomTom Has The Nav System For You

If your definition of success involves owning all the Top-Gear-branded merchandise you can find, be prepared to part with $269.95. That’s how much it will cost you to... read more October 11, 2011 by

BMW Real Time Traffic Information

Want To Beat The Traffic Jams? BMW's Real Time Tech Can Help

By the time you're miles deep into a huge queue, traffic information on the radio or warnings on the sat nav can seem like a bit of an insult to your intelligence. That's why... read more October 11, 2011 by

BMW Real Time Traffic Information

BMW Upgrades Real Time Traffic Navigation Technology

Over the weekend we gave you a glimpse of some of the future ConnectedDrive technologies BMW is working on for its future cars, some of which we’ll be seeing much... read more October 11, 2011 by

Traffic Jam

Tech Blamed For Stressed "Gen Y" Drivers; Some Tips To Help

If you were born some time between the 1970s and the mid 1990s you're what's known as "Generation Y", and new research has shown that you're much more likely to be stressed... read more August 8, 2011 by

BMW Pathfinder "micronavigation" system prototype

GPS Racing: Over 7 Million Brits Try And Beat The Sat Nav

How long will a journey take from point A to point B? To get the answer, many of us will punch the destination into our GPS satellite navigation devices which give us an... read more July 29, 2011 by

Lexus Enform Mobile App

Lexus eDestination: Program Your Sat Nav Wherever You Are

Chances are, if you're in the market for a new Lexus then you appreciate the luxury, technology and ease of use thats available to you. If this is the case, why shouldn't... read more July 26, 2011 by

RoadAhead screen grab

Road Ahead App May Be The Road Tripper's Best Friend

If you’re like us, you have a passion for road trips and a serious preference for certain brands of food, gasoline and coffee. If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch... read more May 17, 2011 by

Green GPS (Image: University of Illinois)

Green GPS Picks Fuel-Saving, Lowest Emissions Routes

GPS navigation systems and internet-based route planners allow you to pick the quickest or shortest route to your destination. However, until now there hasn't been the option... read more May 9, 2011 by


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