Earlier this week we told you that TomTom would be launching a TopGear themed GO Live navigation system, complete with voice guidance from none other than Jeremy Clarkson himself. It turns out there’s a problem with that idea: under BBC’s editorial guidelines, Top Gear presenters are expressly forbidden to endorse any product related to cars or driving.

BBC’s conflict of interest clause specifically states that presenters “must take particular care not to endorse any product or service which could be covered in the programs on which they work.” Given Clarkson’s love and gushing praise for all things Aston Martin, we wonder why this isn’t covered under the same editorial guidelines.

In an effort to get the GO Live units on store shelves ahead of the Christmas buying season, TomTom produced some 54,000 of the TopGear themed nav systems before details of the licensing agreement were finalized. Retailers with units in inventory will be allowed to sell through the inventory, but no further inventory will be built.

In a show of good faith, BBC will donate all licensing fees paid by TomTom to the BBC Children in Need charity. TomTom will also make a separate charitable donation to the organization.

Clarkson won’t be paid for his TomTom voice over work, but the 54,000 Top Gear GO Live units are sure to become collector’s items. Even if Clarkson won’t make money on the deal, eBay resellers are sure to net a windfall profit on reselling the systems in circulation.